Famous Personality Birthday Today- Bollywood Stars, Cricketers, Freedom Fighters, Politicians, and More

Birthdays are special for everyone be it a commoner or a celebrity. Fans are always excited to know about their favorite celebrity birthdays. Here you can find your birthday twin as we have provided a complete list of celebrities in the world who have their birthdays today. We all have different favorites such as some like Virat Kohli while others like Rekha, the legendary Bollywood actress. That’s why we have come up with the idea to cover the birthdays of all the famous Bollywood celebrities, cricketers, Indian freedom fighters, Indian Politicians and so on who have their birthday today or tomorrow.

This makes it easy to find out which celebrity celebrates his/her birthday today in India. Also, if you want to find out which famous personalities have their birthdays in August, April, or July or which Bollywood celebrity has their birthday in October, you can visit us. Here you will get to know the birthday of a celebrity in Bollywood and whose birthday is today in cricket or tomorrow in India and you can send birthday wishes to your favorite celebrity on Instagram.

Apart from this, the famous celebrities or freedom fighters of Indians who are no more with us; you can also know about their birthdays along with their death anniversary if that falls today or tomorrow so that you can even pay your tributes to them.

Bollywood Celebrities Birthday Today

Indian Cricketers Birthday Today

Indian Politicians Birthday Today

Indian Freedom Fighters Today

Upcoming Birthdays

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