3 Wall Bed Safety Tips and Myths About Them

Are Murphy beds safe? Mostly, yes. Murphy beds (also called wall beds) date back to around 1918. A San Francisco-based man named William Murphy created the design that is best known today—beds that are attached on one side to the wall and will fold up to save space in the room. It is a practical solution in smaller living spaces, and today, they’re enjoying a renaissance as people are downsizing their homes and looking to maximize their living spaces. 

However, upon googling the words Murphy beds you’ll find that there have been a few accidents in the past few years relating to the furniture. Since then, they’ve come quite a long way in terms of style, safety, and functionality, resulting in much safer beds than their predecessors. 

Wall beds should be safe and far from dangerous. But, anything as seemingly safe as a bed can cause damage and injury when installed incorrectly. Continue reading for some tips on how to ensure safety around this furniture. 

Murphy Bed Safety Tips 

Modern Murphy beds have components that make them safe, provided that they are used and installed correctly. It also applies to Murphy bed kits that allow you to give your home a major revamp without spending too much money. 

For example, the mechanisms that attach the bed to the wall are constructed in a way that the bed will not fold up fast and neither on its own. They also ensure that the bed will descend slowly when being pulled away for use. Other safety features include catches, straps, and ties that hold the bed and the mattress when stored away. Often, there are also locking legs to provide additional support. 

1. Let the professionals do it. 

With their detailed instruction manual, material list, and visual guidelines, Murphy bed kits are complete with everything you will need to take on the DIY project. But, make no mistakes. Any installation has associated risks—Murphy beds included. If you’re not confident to do the job yourself, let the professionals handle it instead. It will save you time, frustration, and ensure everyone’s safety. 

2. Avoid over-stuffing it. 

Wall beds rely on balance and tension to stay open or closed. So, you’ll want to avoid crowding them with extra pillows, blankets, and any other bulky beddings, or it will be too difficult to close the bed all the way. For additional safety, remove anything too bulky when folding up the bed and store them elsewhere. 

3. Secure it with a lock.

 Most Murphy beds today already have a built-in lock that secures the furniture in the upright position. This locking mechanism gives you peace of mind, particularly when kids are running around and curious enough to explore what’s within. Any additional safety latches and locks will also go a long way toward preventing accidents with the bed. 

Statistically-speaking, other household hazards are more likely to cause harm than a Murphy bed: ceiling fan blades flying off, heaters causing more than 25,000 residential fires annually, and extension cords setting up 3,000 households on fire that results in approximately 50 deaths every year, to name a few. 

It goes to show that part of the bad reputation associated with Murphy beds is loosely based on its media portrayal. Probably the most famous is Charlie Chaplin’s five-minute wrestling match with the bed that ends with both being half-destroyed. 

For some final thoughts, below are a few things to remember with Murphy beds: 

Murphy beds don’t accidentally close during normal use. 

When properly installed, it’s also not possible for the bed to open accidentally. 

They will not detach from the wall either and fall on someone during an earthquake.

We can’t stress further that injuries are extremely rare with Murphy beds, and in most cases, they are related to the failure to install the bed properly to the wall. 

They are portable. 

With Murphy bed kits, the bed can often be moved to a new location, whether it is in another room or house. They can easily be detached and reassembled to another location. 

You can set the bed yourself

Provided that you have the tools and skills to safely complete the project. Otherwise, it’s best to hire a local handyman. 


Build a bed for less with Murphy bed kits. Armed with new information, may you be inspired to purchase a Murphy bed for your room and experience the benefits it has to offer firsthand. It comes with everything you need to maximize your space, creating a multifunctional space in your home. Did you love what you read? Let us know your thoughts about the safety of Murphy beds.

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