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Famous Bollywood is offering the soul-food to Bollywood freaks. Reviews, gossips, tattles, breaking news, interviews, photo galleries, scoops, top events, and celebrity fashion trends and what not; we get a fully-fledged package of entertainment for our readers. 

We are aimed to spice up your day by providing first-hand B-Town information which is nowhere to be found. Our spy-eyes are everywhere and subsequently, nothing is hidden from us, and thus our readers get to know everything before the world knows it. 

Our team includes writers, critics, pundits, and insiders of Bollywood; henceforth the authenticity of data is guaranteed. Know what Bollywood is having and what it’s up to without putting forth any effort as we are doing it for you. 

A daily look at this site can give you various topics to show-off your GK in your public conversations.  

With the ever-increasing love, eagerness, and enthusiasm for cinema, Famous Bollywood is aimed to offer an exciting ride-of-words to the readers so that you don’t miss your daily dose of news and entertainment.

Know About Our Team

Vinay Kumar: Chief Editor 

Vinay Kumar

Vinay is the Editor in Chief of Famous Bollywood. Since 2010, he has written hundreds of articles and some of them are published by most renowned publishers. With more than ten-year of experience in the field of writing and editing, he has made his name with dedication and hard work. He knows how to blend his experience with the technical advancement to create and curate content that can appeal to the readers. His focus on accuracy and quality makes him true to his role.

Vikas Pandey- Web Admin

Vikas Pandey

Vikas is the admin of famous Bollywood. He manages and maintains websites, keeps track of functionality, appearance, content, and performance of the website. Mainly he focuses upon the technical aspects of web maintenance, such as the server’s configuration and troubleshooting. He takes care of the look and feel of the website and makes it more appealing by adding the required spice of pictures and other media. He also ensures the best user-experience so that readers can have a pleasant time with our site.

Bhagwat Prasad – Social Media Manager

Bhagwat Prasad

Bhagwat is the Social Media Manager of Famous Bollywood. He maintains the curating of the brand’s social channels, and monitors, moderates, and responds to the audience’s comments. He is the SMM head and focuses on the promotion of the brand on social media so that the interesting articles can reach the maximum number of audience. He creates engaging posts of our social account to aware readers about the latest and upcoming news of B-Town. He is always on a hunt for news that is worth sharing with our readers and followers.

Our Experts Writers

Manpreet Sandhu

Manpreet Sandhu

Manpreet is an experienced and dutiful writer, Bollywood enthusiast, independent critic, and media person. She loves digging deep and finding the reality so that real and true information can be catered to readers. Her unique style of writing and eagle-eye for facts and truth, help her to entertain her audience with the disclosure of the hidden elements of B-town. She analyses and busts the myths about the most-talking topics in her writings so that nothing can mislead her readers.

Khushboo Chhibber

Khushboo Chhibber

Khushboo is a true Bollywood buff, aspiring journalist, an upright writer with a strong sense of honesty. Her hunt for the latest news and topics never stops. She likes unfolding the truth behind the latest happenings in the entertainment world. She writes that appeals to readers the most to make them aware of the actual situation. She devotes all her time researching and compiling new and intersecting topics of B-Town.

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