9 Essential Things to Consider for Making an Innovative Business Card

With the changing times, where most of the marketing efforts are now conducted via the internet, many are wondering why ‘business cards’ are still irreplaceable in this digital era. 

Well, despite the fact that we are now more reliant on tech than ever, the followings are the various reasons why printed business cards are still very relevant for playing a vital part in the promotion of a business:

  • Business cards come handy to promote business during a trade fair, seminar, or a business meeting.
  • In this highly competitive market environment, Business cards help in building a fair amount of trust as a lot of warmth and personal greetings are exchanged when sharing the cards.
  • Business cards add to your professional image as they deliver contact information with ease.
  • Sharing business details via cards in a friendly environment gives a personal touch for building a relationship with a client or a potential customer.
  • Attractive and well-designed business card catches the eye and instantly makes a favorable first impression.
  • Business cards turned into an effective marketing tool to drive customers and to fetch leads.

So, as the importance of having a ‘Business Card’ for a company is quite evident from above-said glaring factors, plan accordingly to make a unique and innovative business card   for publicizing your business with having the main objective of attracting more potential customers in mind.

However, knowing that Business Cards are generally smaller, it becomes even more important to utilize the 3.5-inch by 2-inch space in terms of both design and information to make it noticeable among the rest of other’s business cards.

Even, according to a study, an overwhelming 72% of the people form an opinion about a company based on the quality of its business card. So it’s quite noticeable that a business card can make or break your business’s reputation. Thus, in order to not lose potential customers, try making an attractive and well-thought-of business card design that catches the eye of your potential customers and builds a favorable impression of your business on them.

But, it seems quite a complex process to adjust all the essential information and details into a small amount of space to convey the overall image of your business that too, in such a unique way that will stick permanently to the memory lane of your potential customers, isn’t it! 

Well, let us tell you that, it definitely seems difficult but not impossible. There are many ways available out there which you can opt for making an innovative business card for your company so that it would stand-out among the business cards of your competitors. If you want someone to assist you with it, you can contact IDGod for a comprehensively  designed visiting card. And, to do the same, below we’ve mentioned the top-9 essential things that you consider while making an impressive Business Card. 

1. Filter-Out all the Information to Put only the Vital Ones— 

Even before planning about how you’ll design your business card, decide about the ‘most-important’ information that you want to put on your card because the sole purpose of both the conventional and modern ‘multi-tool’ card is to transfer business and contact details from one person to another. Thus, you need to be very selective about the information you include on your card. For instance, consider putting information like “Name, Job Title, Email Address, Phone Number, Website URL, Social Media Handles, and Company Slogan instead of the kind of services you offer and the name of products you sell, etc.

2. Use QR Code for Carrying A Lot of Other Vital Information—

In case you want to provide a lot of information about your business to your potential customers but running with shortage of space then, putting QR Code on your tiny credit-card sized business card will be of great importance. QR Code has the capability to carry a lot of information inside itself that your potential customers can access by the process of simple scanning. 

3. Instead of Conventional Business Cards Choose to Turn into Multi-Functional Card—

In order to make your potential customers interact more with your pocket-sized billboard and also to make sure that they don’t just throw it away, looking at once; design it smartly as a bookmark, a notepad, a sticker, a holder and so on to fulfill many of the professional needs.

4. Ensure Adding Readable Text Fonts—

Instead of using funky and hard-to-read fonts that are too small, too fancy, and too distorted, use only the readable and legible fonts while designing your business card because the whole point of your card it is to communicate well with your potential customers, clients, collaborators and business owners etc.

5. Include Testimonials on the Back—

Consider including a few of your best testimonials on the back of your business card to save the time of your potential customers from going online to know about what your previous customers have to say about your product and services. This way, you’re increasing the reliability and credibility of your company in an instant.

6. Value White/Negative Space—

Confine yourself from filling every possible space of your business card because it makes it difficult for all your potential customers to decide which information is worthy enough to give attention upon. So, by leaving out white space on your card, you’ll in turn help your potential customers to draw attention to the spaces that include information rather than to those areas where there’s no text available.

7. Include HD Images, Graphics or Put Photo of Yourself—

As adding pictures as well as graphics on modern business cards are now possible, make sure to consider adding the original image of high-resolution to avoid fuzziness. Also, to make your business card more recognizable among your potential customers for a long period of time, consider putting your face on the card to give an edge against your competitor’s less-recognizable cards.

8. Play Along With Different Range of Colors—

Definitely, black and white business cards are considered boring, so play along with high color visuals to create maximum impact on your potential customers. Doing so will help them connect more with your business card than the other’s card. For instance, you can experiment with contrast colors for legibility rather than choosing similar colors for text as well as for background that in turn make everything hard to read and understand. 

9. Apply Special Finishes for Style Statement—

As your business-card design strategy adds some kind of impact to your business card by working on special finishes like foil stamping, embossing, metallic inks, letter pressing, spot-UV coating, and other similar finishes as they will instantly make your business card visually appealing, tactile, and memorable.

That’s it! These are the top-9 essential things that are worth considering for you as a business owner while making an impressive business card for your company that will stand-out in a pile of others.

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