10 Best Music Torrent Sites (Working in 2021)- Download Music Free

Most people argue as to why people should download songs at all. The year is 2021 and everyone has WIFI or an active internet connection that they can use to stream music for free.

But what will you do when your WIFI service is down and your internet connection is not working either. This is why you need offline music as you can listen to your favorite tracks and take them anywhere you go without even spending anything.

All of the websites are equally great in their way but if I had to choose one, I will personally go for the newly introduced YouTube Music as you can find every artist on that platform along with many other perks that come with a subscription which can be bought at a reasonable rate too.

Now that we have seen all of the legal platforms that can help us to stream and download music for free, we will be looking at some of the more exclusive options that allow the user to download music, however, these options are not exactly legal.

Torrents as we all know are used for downloading movies, games, apps, and even music. Music torrents have been in the trend for quite a while now. In case you are familiar with music torrents, you might know about a couple of music torrent sites yourself.

This section will focus on bringing the best music torrenting websites that you can use to download songs for free. But before we begin, you need to make sure that the music torrents are not blocked in your country.

There are many regions in the world like Saudi Arabia, India, Portugal, Denmark, United Kingdom, and Morocco that have blocked certain music torrent sites due to security reasons. You can still access these music torrents with the use of a suitable VPN.

In case you want to explore more and are looking for options that can offer you a much wider range in terms of genre and downloads, you can try to access the websites that offer music torrents for free.

So let us begin looking at the top 10 music torrents that you can access to download songs for free.

Top 10 Music Torrents Sites On The Internet

1. The Pirate Bay


Best features Supports magnet links, high-quality FLAC format music available
Types of contentSoftware, TV shows, music, games, and movies
AvailabilityIt is banned in a few regions 
Mirror URLhttps://thepiratebay10.org/ 

It is one of the most popular if not the most popular torrent websites that are used by people from all over the globe. Users can access this website to download fastly without much fuss.

You can even download other content from this website like movies, TV shows, games, software, and many other things apart from music. If you look to explore this website, you will come to know that the website also gives you the option of high-quality FLAC music.

A great user interface makes it quite easy for the users to navigate themselves to the content of their choice. 

Link of this website- https://thepiratebay.org/

2. 1337x


Best features Has a dedicated section for popular music section and has a clean UI 
Types of contentSoftware, anime, movies, TV shows, and games
AvailabilityBanned in Australia, Ireland, United Kingdom
Mirror URLhttps://1337x.st/ 

This website is also a great way to download that contains a dedicated section for music torrents. The website has a clean and simple user interface which makes it quite easy for the user to explore music.

One of the best things about this website is that the music list gets updated regularly. This website shows the time, size, and name of every uploader for every music torrent that is available on this platform.

The magnet link of this website allows the user to download movies, anime, and tons of other things easily.

Link of this website- https://1337x.to/popular-music

3. Torlock


Best features Has verified torrents and has a separate section for music
Types of contentAnime, movies, music, TV shows, games, and software
AvailabilityAvailable all over the world
Mirror URLhttps://torlock.unblockit.ca/ 

This website is considered the best website to download songs with relative ease. This website only offers verified torrents, which is not very common in popular music torrents.

This makes sure that you do not find any fake or spam content on this website. Just like the websites mentioned above, this one also has a separate section for music which makes browsing music pretty easy.

The only drawback of this website is that includes a lot of advertisements which in turn annoys the users.

Link of this website- https://www.torlock.com/music.html

4. Katcr. Co


Best featuresHas a simple and clean UI along with a dedicated section for music-based torrents
Types of contentAnime, music, software, TV shows, and movies
Availability Only targeted by a few service providers
Mirror URLhttps://kat.sx/full/ 

Many people consider this website as the newly updated version of the Kickass torrent. The website has a fresh source and it was designed by the original staff members of Kickass torrents.

Apart from having a clean user interface, the website has a dedicated section for music-based torrents. The only drawback of this website is that it is under maintenance quite often.

Link of this website- https://kat.sx/music/



Best featuresHas advanced filtering options and is a decade old torrent
Types of contentAdult content, TV shows, games, applications, books, and anime.
Availability Internet service providers target it
Mirror URLhttps://torrentz2eu.org/ 

This website was renamed earlier it went by the name of Torrentz and is one of the oldest torrent websites around the world. Just like most of the websites on this list, this one also has a separate section for music torrents.

The website shows the size and the upload time of every music torrent. It also has a section where you can only find verified torrents.

Link of this website- https://torrentz2eu.org/index.html?q=music

6. Torrent9


Best featuresHas a well-developed UI and has great music torrents on the homepage
Types of contentApplications, movies, books, anime, and songs
Availability Has been blocked in several countries
Mirror URLhttps://www.torrents9.tv/ 

Apart from having a music section for the users, this amazing website is quite reliable and has a simple and well-developed UI which makes it quite easy for the users to search for content.

This website offers a series of different music categories just like hard rock, metal, jazz, hip-hop, and many more.

Link of this website- https://www1.torrent9.to/torrents_musique.html

7. LimeTorrents


Best featuresHas verified torrents and offers the size and time of upload of every torrent
Types of contentE-books, games, movies, and software
Availability Banned in a couple of countries
Mirror URLhttps://www.limetorrents.info/ 

This website is very similar to Torlock and also offers verified torrents. The website also has a dedicated section for music torrents and it displays the size and the upload time of every music torrent.

You can also download movies, games, software, e-books, and many other things apart from just music torrents.

Link of this website- https://www.limetorrents.info/browse-torrents/Music/

8. Torrent Downloads


Best featuresHas music separated into different sections and has only verified torrents
Types of contentMovies, games, and TV shows
Availability Blocked by several ISPs.
Mirror URLhttps://torrentdownloads.d4.re/ 

This is one of the best torrent websites to ever exist. The website has been maintained brilliantly as there are different categories like electronic, folk, hip-hop, pop, rap, rock, and many more.

The best part about this website is that it only offers verified torrents. In a nutshell, it is a great website for music enthusiasts. 

Link of this website- https://www.torrentdownloads.me/category/5/Music



Best featuresHas high-quality FLAC music available
Types of content
Availability Gets targeted by a few service providers
Mirror URLhttps://www.ettvcentral.com/torrents.php?parent_cat=Music 

This website is filled with rich features that help the users to get what they want with relative ease. You can download the music of your choice in MP3 as well as FLAC music format which is high-quality content.

And just like all of the other websites, this one also shows the size and the upload time of every music torrent that is available on this platform. You can get detailed information about the music tracks and albums that includes genre, language, and category.

Link of this website- https://www.ettvcentral.com/

10. 101Torrent


Best featuresIs only dedicated to music
Types of contentMusic 
Availability Available all over the world
Mirror URLhttps://www3.01torrent.net/music/ 

This is one of the only websites that offer only music torrents for the users to have the best experience. There are tons of different sections like rock, metal, classical, electronic, and many others.

The website is well categorized which reflects on the homepage as every song is displayed in a particular album.

These are some of the best torrenting websites that you can access to download the music of your choice for free. These torrent sites also answer the infamous question that goes like “how can I download music with Utorrent?“. 

Link of this website- https://www3.01torrent.net/

Is Using Torrents To Download Music Illegal?

One of the most commonly asked questions that circulate the internet is this one, is it illegal to download music? Well, the answer is yes and no. No, it is not illegal to download music and yes, it is illegal only if you download copyrighted soundtracks.

If you download copyrighted content without the permission of the owner, it is considered illegal and can get you in trouble.

For those of you who still are a bit confused and have a couple of doubts of your own, we bring you the FAQ section that can help you to get an answer to your queries with relative ease.


Q.1- Where can I find pirated music?

Ans1- You can find great high-quality music torrents on any of the torrent websites that I have mentioned before. Although, you need to keep in mind that it is illegal to download pirated music and it may very well get you in trouble.

Q.2- What is the best website to download music?

Ans2- You can download great tracks from tons of great music websites like SoundCloud, ETTV, etc. but not all of them are exactly legal which is why you need to make sure of the fact that you access them with caution.

Q.3-How to download music for free?

Ans3- In case you want to download music the legal way, you can make good use of a couple of websites that are available on the list that we talked about earlier in this blog. There are tons of great websites that act as an anchor for the upcoming talent to shine. In case you have a slow internet connection, we suggest that you take help from the internet download manager.

Q.4- Should I use a suitable VPN to download songs?

Ans4- using a VPN is only necessary if you intend on downloading the songs from an illegal source or if you are downloading copyrighted content without the permission of the owner. But you can still use a VPN as it also helps you in keeping your identity safe online.

Q.5- Where to download music legally?

Ans5- You can make good use of the list that has been mentioned above to download the songs of your choice for free. Although, you can also use torrent sites but that will mean that the source is not legal.

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