Most Popular Casino-Theme Bollywood Movies

You probably have watched movies with casino/gambling themes. They are a big hit not only to gambling enthusiasts but to movie-goers, especially those looking for engaging storylines. In Bollywood, there are many casino-themed movies, and they have featured some of the well-loved casino games. If you are into casino games or want to know more about the world of gambling, you might want to consider watching these movies. It’s also a safe and secure way of learning about casinos with a lot of influence. 

Popular Casino-Themed Bollywood Movies

  • Striker – It is a movie that premiered in 2010 based on a real-life story. It features a young boy doing his best to survive in the suburbs of India. At the age of 12, he won Carrom – and that changed his life forever. He entered the underground gambling world where he was discovered because of his strategic and smart gaming tactics and skills.
  • Gambler – It was an old movie released in 1971 featuring Inspector Daya, who discovers intricate gambling racket and drug smuggling. As a lazy inspector, he quits his job and becomes a professional gambler. He became a successful gambler, but the road he took isn’t easy.
  • Teen Patti was released in 2010, featuring the skills, strategies, and entertainment value of playing casino games. Venkat, the main character, learns how to gamble and aims to hit the big jackpot. His quest to hitting a big jackpot is all the more brought to realization when a mathematician named Percy helped him. Together, they come up with tactics and probability theory, which become successful. Teen Patti became one of the most talked-about Bollywood movies. It receives controversies from critics, which makes it an even more popular film.
  • Jannat – It is one of the diverse-themed Bollywood casino movies as it features not only casino games but also drama and romance. If you are looking for a total package film, Jannat won’t disappoint. It was premiered in 2008 and starred Emraan Hashmi, a young and successful gambler. The main character makes a fortune by betting on cricket day and night. His addiction to betting and focus on goals of becoming rich takes a toll on his relationship with his partner. He was successful in gambling but sacrificed his relationship and life as a whole. He was later on involved with the mafia group, which makes his life all the more complicated.
  • The Great Gambler – It is a classic casino-themed Bollywood movie. The movie features a character played by Amitabh Bachman. He is a master of gambling in the sense that he has not experienced a losing streak. Such a lucky guy, right? Well, wait until things turn around. Gangsters envied him and want to tap him into their business so they can make more money. The main character agrees but is clueless about what’s going to happen next. The movie is made all the more entertaining and interesting as other factors of the main character’s life intertwined. It is a relatable movie, which explains why it is one of the blockbuster Bollywood movies of all time.


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