Full-Featured Extended Manual with YouTube Vanced

YouTube Vanced is an extended YouTube activation client, which allows users to access all YouTube’s content with advanced features, such as browsing without advertising, free video download, background player for music playback, pop-up player to use multiple applications for use while viewing Video, etc.

YouTube Vanced Function Description

1. Lack of advertising viewing

Several times, it must have experienced moments of complete irritation and strong disappointment when advertising was shown on the screen while watching an interesting video on YouTube. There have been cases when we wanted impeccable audio and video on YouTube, but this is still a desire. YouTube Vanced offers the best solution for this. First, you have access to all videos on YouTube, so the question of the disappearance of the content does not occur. Youtube vanced apk has a built-in system that blocks all advertising that can interfere with viewing streaming, be it video or audio. This eventually guarantees that no advertising will interfere with the perception of content.

2. Free Video Transmission

When you open the video on YouTube Vanced, you have free access to the download option, which you can see in the right corner video. Clicking on the settings allows you to start the download process.

Immediately after printing, you will be offered options for choosing the format and download quality. In the formats, you can choose “Video” or “Audio” to select your favorite, and in quality, it supports the built-in YouTube Vanced 144p option for 4K downloads, but it will also depend on the quality of the original downloaded video. Therefore, available quality parameters are displayed.

3. Background Player for Music Playback

On YouTube Millions of Songs, but they don’t like them, because we want to enjoy them in the form of a music player. The upcoming YouTube Vance feature solves this problem with maximum ease. Any video you chose has access only to play music in the background. Now turn off the mobile screen and enjoy good music.

4. Pop-Up Player

Have you ever wanted to write a friend or join the discussion in the group chat while watching the video on YouTube? YouTube Vanced allows you to use multiple applications simultaneously using a unique pop-up player. By clicking on the settings, you can continue viewing your favorite video on the floating player displayed on the screen. You also receive functions to change the position and size of the screen using touch and sensory gestures.

5. Other features

Changing the speed video speed and speed settings in variations.

Video resolution settings from 44p to 4K depending on the quality of the original video.

To rewind the video forward or backward: twice tap the video screen. (You can configure its duration from 5 to 30 seconds in the application settings).

Enable subtitles for video

Excited !! Load YouTube Vanced right now by clicking here. You will be redirected to the official YouTube Vanced website.

If you click, the APK boot will start. Be sure to allow download permission, as this is an external source.

Then YouTube Vanced is installed automatically when the installation program starts and accepts it.

Enjoy excellent content with YouTube Vanced features.

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