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Let’s take a look at fashion dissertation topics in each category. It will help you to get rid of such a thought as: “write my dissertation for me” or you can ask experts to write a dissertation for you.

Fashion And Culture Dissertation Topics For 2021

What does fashion have to do with western cultural values? It would be great if you could share your thoughts.

What is the reason for the rise in natural fabric demand by 2021?

The impact of the fashion industry on COVID-19

  • It is important to distinguish between obsessive and occasional shopping.
  • The impact of western culture on the political-cultural ideas that have shaped our times
  • The impact of traditional clothing upon society
  • Determine the relationship between fashion, culture, and identity

The impact of western fashion on people around the world

  • The impact of celebrations on the fashion industry
  • Fashion trends in the UK/USA influenced by ethnic clothing
  • Examining the social and cultural history of fashion to understand the fashion of the 21st Century
  • Analyzing the clothes well-respected fashion journalists
  • What western fashion trends are being adopted in eastern countries

Iconography Dissertation Topics

Influence of celebrity culture on high street fashion

  • Beatle Mania, Sixties have a distinctive look
  1. Signature looks of fashion icons
  2. Why Kylie Minogues is a pop princess
  3. Mad for Madonna: The highs & lows of pop culture during the eighties
  4. Audrey Hepburn’s fashion revolution has been a success in society
  5. Justin Bieber is a fashion teenager.
  6. The evolution of the ball dress in society
  7. Laurel Bacall’s seductiveness in pencil skirts and pleated pants, blazers, and silk blouses
  • Madonna: Costume culture

Marilyn Monroe: The Seven Year Ich Ich Look

Fashion Design Dissertation Topics

  • A bodice design challenge for modish Victorians
  • Plaid Vs. Check

Street fashion trends that are bold

  • Apparel and textiles for resting

The rise of T-shorts

  • Nylon- Most ravishing fashion innovation
  1. Why are leather garments disappearing in the United States?
  2. School clothes and design:
  3. The Evolution of Beachwear
  4. Study the fall of the tie
  5. Why is formal wear less popular in work environments?
  6. Where did the waistcoat originate

Dissertation Topics in Children’s Apparel

Mini-me and Twinning trends

  • Athleisure
  • Floral prints
  • Asymmetrical cut gowns

High demand for hair accessories such as hairpins and hair tiers for children.

  • Street style
  1. Warm and inviting with embroidery
  2. The impact of COVID-19 on children’s clothing
  3. What is the reason people are switching from fast fashion to children’s wear?
  4. Children’s fashion is all about trying to look like adults in their clothes
  5. Boho-chic swimwear in the summer season

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Fashion Entrepreneurship Dissertation Topics

  • Identify the factors that influence the performance of small- and medium-sized UK companies in the fashion and culture industry. __S.99__
  • View the most notable women entrepreneurs in the fashion industry

Please describe the journey of a female entrepreneur in the fashion industry

  • The opportunities and challenges that fashion design entrepreneurship presents
  • The significance trade shows in the international fashion market

Discuss the challenges and issues faced by fashion entrepreneurs.

  • Women’s role in fashion trends today
  • Fashion entrepreneurship education: A guide on potential fashion entrepreneurs
  • The importance and role of entrepreneurship within the fashion industry

Fashion Design Entrepreneurship: The Skills & Solutions for Starting A Business

  • How clothes reflect a person’s class is changing.
  • Top entrepreneurs follow fashion trends
  • Closer look at fashion trends starting in the 1920s: Entering into the age of liberalism

Fashion entrepreneurship is a key contributor to the country’s economic growth

Tips On Writing A Fashion Dissertation

Let’s now talk about how to write fashion dissertations. The tips will especially come from the team of experts of These tips will help you write a fashion dissertation.

Initiate Broad Research on Your Topic

The research will be the key factor in deciding the main theme and gathering valuable material for your main study.

Create an Appropriate Dissertation Title

Select a title that is appropriate for the theme. Your title should be unique, interesting, and memorable for your readers.

Fashion Dissertation: The Central Part

This is the most important. These sections are essential:


You will base your arguments on research results and personal opinions.


Contrary reasoning is required to support the previous argument.

Critical Analysis

Your fashion dissertation is incomplete if you don’t critically analyze other research.

Get Early Feedback

Your supervisor should be notified as soon as possible about your work. You will be more likely for them to spot the mistakes and notify you.

Refer to the Reference Manager

An endnote or Zotero reference manager can help you keep track and cite the papers and books you need.

It is not easy to write a fashion dissertation.

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