Fashion Styles Trending on Instagram that Top Influencers Are Promoting

Influencer marketing reaches almost every imaginable niche. But nothing equals the hold they have on the fashion industry. Just by sharing a quick snap of a fashion item, they are capable of directing large groups of people into endorsing it. 

Of course, fashion preferences are subjective, and you’re unlikely to fall under every other online fashionista’s spell. Every fashion follower has identified their own favorite influencer, whose style is consistent with their personal tastes. 

Instagram is the number one platform when it comes to influencers. The app basically destroyed the fashion magazine and spawned about half a million active global influencers situated somewhere between an acquaintance and a legitimate star.  So, we’ve delved deep into the dazzling, color-coordinated feeds to bring you all the tips and tricks.  


We’ve entered the era of forest fires, incessantly melting icebergs, and global pandemics. Fast fashion is one of the main contributors to the devastation of our environment. On average, over 40% of all the clothes in one’s possession are never worn; they sit in the closet for years only to be discarded in the end. It is good news though that some responsible influencers have taken a step towards possible salvation: promoting sustainability. Many have started to promote mindful shopping, respecting the lifecycle of each product through sometimes re-selling rather than discarding it, among other initiatives. Advocating sustainable fashion has been the hottest trend of the previous year, and will surely increase its pace in 2021.

No Fashion Without Followers 

Although people love to buy instagram followers, Fashionista and surf lover Yoni Pai Instagram page has over 104K subscribers. Looking through her feed, it’s not hard to see what her followers can love about her. With a trendy style that combines elegant professionalism with fun quirkiness, it attracts people of all ages. Through her Instagram, she offers to look at her life as a wife, mother, and head of a fashion company. 

Today, it has become easier to attract appreciators of your unique style. Set aside a minor budget to take help from social media shops like SocialGreg, which can boost your Instagram traffic in a matter of seconds. 

Thrift Store Finds & Designer Bags 

A large portion of influencers’ cult following consists of people who aren’t capable of affording designer clothes. To maintain the perfect ratio between accessibility and luxury, influencers have created a new aesthetic, combining high-end with affordable, secondhand pieces. 

Animal Print 

Even with the rise of faux fur and leather, animal print doesn’t seem to be leaving us anytime soon, real or not. The reason could be Alexa Chung’s everlasting influence, as one of the OG influencers (even before Instagram was a thing), and the countless songs Alex Turner dedicated to her cheetah-print coats.

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