Top 5 Female Bollywood Influencers to Follow in 2021

When the fame of Bollywood actors began to grow in India around the 1970s, the world still had to wait. It was not until a few decades ago when it exploded, and their names began to travel the planet by appearing on movie billboards biggest cities around the world.

Today, the talent of the actresses of this great industry stands out, drawing the attention of an audience that follows them, and wants to know more about these women. In short, beyond their career on the big screen, they have become influencers, having hundreds of followers on social networks and inspiring millions of people to keep working hard. You can also buy Soundcloud followers or your YouTube subscribers, but they cannot beat the hardwork of these influencers. Keep reading, here we tell you more about our favorites!

1. Sunny Leone

As of this writing, Sunny has 43.2 million followers on Instagram. Even though her acting career has been a bit on hiatus due to the circumstances imposed by the pandemic, the actress has been sharing quality time with her family and still very busy participating in various projects as outlined in this article, experimenting as a hairstylist among others. These activities catch a lot of the attention of the audience, making her presence in social media networks relevant. 

2. Deepika Padukone Singh 

Although she is not as active on Instagram as her colleagues, Deepika has 53.2 million followers on Instagram. And the reason for such success is due to the great talent of her on the big screen. Considered the ‘reigning beauty queen’, in 2020 she was voted the most famous actress of today, she signed her upcoming films with Prabhas and Shah Rukh Khan, and currently, she is the highest-paid Bollywood actress, a fact that motivates people’s curiosity to follow her.

3. Priyanka Chopra Jonas

With 60.8 million followers on Instagram, Priyanka revolutionizes social media platforms with her charm. In this case, her international fame is not only due to her great work as an actress. The beginning of Priyanka in the world of show business started when she won the title of Miss World in 2020, later she also has been known as the wife of Nick Jonas, a member of the Jonas Brothers, one of the most inspiring couples for being considered as one of the strongest in the world of celebrities.

4. Alia Bhatt 

Her fashion style mixes mass and classic, and this formula has already attracted 50.9 million people to follow her. She is one of the highest-paid youngest actresses in India, even though her career began not many years ago.

5. Katrina Kaif 

Unlike her peers, Katrina stands out on social media for participating in organizations and encouraging donations to charitable causes from her followers. This has attracted 46.7 million people to her account. She will star in productions like “Sooryavanshi” and “Tiger 3.”

Although their careers as actresses are successful, by becoming influencers on social media, they are showing that their voices are capable of reaching a large audience, inspiring future generations.

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