Best Freelancing Tips to Help You Get Design Jobs

Going freelance is a difficult journey for those who are willing enough to risk their time working remotely. People have different perspectives and perceptions of freelancing, and anyone would define freelancing based on their experiences. It can at times be a risky undertaking or at times an opportunity worth grasping with both hands. With freelancing, you will often meet massive projects that will keep you revolving around a single thing for a couple of hours. Such experiences may likely lower your morale in performing specific tasks. But don’t get surprised that some people manage massive projects in design within a short time and, fortunately, more efficiently than ever before. What is this hack to get some of these vast design projects? With many platforms transforming into job markets for remote working, many need to find easier, diplomatic approaches to get work done quickly. has the best freelancing tips you need to know.

  • Specialize in a Given Area 

Specialization is a more significant feature that will help identify your personality. Therefore, before venturing into the freelancing space, it is essential first to understand yourself. “Understanding yourself” in this perspective means knowing the area or areas you are good at. It, therefore, calls for specialization in some services. For instance, if you opt into graphic designing, your significant areas of concern should be typography, book design, etc. There are different niches you can think of when it comes to freelancing. If you establish a given niche, it is essential to narrow it down to specific areas you might find more effortless or passionate about on your side. After setting your primary area of concern, it is essential to source various resources from various regions and research your specialization area. With specialization, you will increase your chances of getting agencies, potential clients who will get delighted and attracted to know you more. Usually, clients often seek persons who have majored in a given area of the job they want to be done. They don’t consider skillset from a broader perspective but rather narrow down to expertise in a given small niche.      

  • Build Up Your Portfolio

Your portfolio is one of the common factors that will market you as a designer. A portfolio is a die-hard number one reason why most designers land on even higher-paying jobs. Therefore, as a designer, positioning yourself on the online market demands that you build an outstanding portfolio. Consider undertaking productive projects and include other past projects as well. Include most of the design work you’ve done previously and ensure to compose it presentably. A range of platforms is essential in helping you present a winning portfolio. 

  • Use Social Media Platforms Effectively

One of the most fantastic places where you can market your design skills is social media. Most successful design freelancers find no choice in social media platforms. They use such platforms to promote their design skills. With most platforms opening your potential to almost everyone in the world, posting one or two well-designed projects may bring many people closer to you than ever before. On social media platforms, you can post or publish your new artwork and projects you find essential. It is a doorway to international recognition. 

  • Give Cold Calling a Try. 

If you have ever heard of cold calling, you can try to market your design skills in a similar approach. Cold calling involves calling or, instead of generating leads to customers without letting them know. Even though it is a technique reserved for most corporates, giving it a try could a better idea. One of the best approaches to do it, especially in design, is establishing outdated or poorly produced brands, websites, or any visual materials. Spare some time to outline messages and emails that will likely bring your potential targets too close. Using more straightforward communication means, you can introduce yourself rightfully and even attach a portfolio that will bring them closer. Keep in mind that communication is a central idea here. Therefore, how you communicate with different brands will establish whether they will feel your suitability for the position. Even though most businesses will ignore such emails, others will follow them up, and they may become clients quickly. Remember to produce high-quality work once hired.     

  • Ask for Testimonials 

Every freelancing project you undertake on the way should have some fleshy productive effect on your future career goals. The need for testimonials becomes essential at this stage. After successfully working on a given project, don’t be afraid to ask for testimonials from clients, reviews, or even referrals to other work areas. Doing so increases your networks and links to potential design jobs.    


The freelance design career is more competitive, and therefore the need for unique approaches will smoothen your paths of landing design work. There are more approaches, but the above five are core and can help you land a design job easily. Enjoy your freelance design journey.  

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