Glashutte Original: The New Trend Of Modern Watches

Glashutte Original dates back to 1845. It was the year that the first master watchmakers settled in Glashutte, a town in Germany. Today, the Glashutte Original brings forth the vision that those watchmakers envisioned back then. In the 21st century, these watches became part of the trend for modern wristwatches.

Glashutte Original

In 1843, Ferdinand Adolph Lange decided to write a letter to the Royal Saxon government. The letter contained a detailed plan for a watch factory in Glashutte and includes training people in watchmaking. Details about the training of apprentices include having each of them work on an area of specialty. Hence, creating an industry in Glashutte. And just like that, Glashutte Original was born. 

With the Royal Saxon Government liking the plan, they provided Ferdinand Adolph Lange with a loan to begin working on his plan. The watchmaking industry in Glashutte flourished. It thrived so well that some companies from other companies label the watches they are producing using the words ‘System Glashutte’. It was their strategy to increase their sales. In lieu of this phenomenon, Glashutte watches began adding the word ‘Original’ to make their rightful claim of being the real watches coming from Glashutte and not one of those copied ones.

During WWII, Glashutte got bombed, and the damage was severe. The effect reached out all over Glashutte, including the watchmaking industry. But, despite the impact of WWII, the watchmaking industry continued to make watches. However, post-world war, they encountered several problems in wanting to continue making watches. For one, they could no longer buy watch components from outside suppliers. This led them to do it in-house. Soon the GDR government decided to combine the watchmaking companies in Glashutte to make it into one enterprise naming it VEB Glashütter Uhrenbetriebe (GUB). The legal successor for GUB today is Glashutte Original.

Ferdinand Adolph Lange

Ferdinand Adolph Lange wrote that letter after coming back from Switzerland to help the economy in Glashutte to maintain its wealth by starting the production of local products. Together with the approval from the Government, Lange had an additional task to educate 15 local apprentices in the hopes that these 15 people would become successful watchmakers who would stay in Glashutte.

Like any success story, Lange did not achieve success that easily. Together with having to train the apprentices, Lange also busied himself in designing the movement parts and precision machinery. This helped him to create accurate watches. Furthermore, he started working on developing a three-quarter plate, which improved in the rigid movement. It eventually became a signature for the wristwatches coming from the Glashutte region. To fight off being bankrupt, Lange used his wife’s family fortune to finance the new project.

Eventually, his effort brought in positive results. His trainees went on to become watchmakers, and or movement and parts suppliers. Soon, the plan that Lange laid out became a reality as the industry flourished in Glashutte.

Collections You Need To Check Out 

  • Senator Collection – classically elegant, these timepieces perfectly reflect the historical roots of Glashutte Original. With its traditional design, it depicts the high standard and mechanical complexity, making it an ideal watch to have for.
  • Pano – these watches have contemporary looks allowing you to see the creativity and power of innovation given to this collection of watches. With its asymmetrical characteristics, it shows the combination of tradition and modernity.
  • Spezialist – this set is perfect for highly specific areas of water, land, or air. Ideally, this collection caters to those who love to take adventures such as hiking and trekking in high places.
  • Vintage – this collection is a perfect combination of two periods from the past century that brought forth this collection. These watches depict the sixties and seventies in their style and design.
  • Ladies – this classic collection is perfect to suit the tastes of women and what they are looking for. It is an accessory that would not only match a dress for a special occasion but can blend in with her entire wardrobe.
  • New products – Glashutte Original watches mix timeless design and excellent quality with accuracy. New products will continually come and be readily available for people to discover and buy.

Glashutte Original values high-quality and can guarantee that every penny you spend to purchase their product is worth it.

Whether it will be for yourself or as a gift, these timepieces are perfect for you. Whatever reason you may have for needing it. Whether for work, school, or a social function, the variety of watches to choose from in each collection will satisfy your needs.

With the continuous innovation and aim for improvement, you can expect more from Glashutte Original. More styles and improved designs and features await in the future. Looking ahead, you can expect to find casual, elegant, and cool looking timepieces, perfect for addressing both convenience and fashion.

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