3 Reasons why Higher ELO will Make you a Better LoL player

ELO is a number that is very crucial in all competitive online games. Whether it is hidden or not, it represents your standing in a ranking system or a leaderboard. If you are in the competition and want to get into good positions in a ranking system, you need to get a higher ELO, just like other players have to do. While it is not very easy to get high levels of ELO, once you achieve those levels, you will be able to get a variety of benefits. So here are some benefits and 3 reasons why higher ELO will make you a better LoL player.

What is ELO and What Does İt Represent?

Firstly, if you do not know the concept of ELO, let’s summarize it. We can say that ELO is a system to assign points to players who play regularly and it gets calculated depending on how the player’s performance is. It is just like an online leaderboard, but in LoL, there is no indication of an ELO number. Rather, we have ranking tiers but you can assume that ELO is a hidden number that increases as you win and decreases as you lose, so to rank up you need to increase your ELO.

If your ELO is high your ranking tier will be high, and this indicates that you are a good and highly skilled player. If it is low, it will indicate that you are not a very skilled player. Everyone will be able to see your rank and understand your play level by looking at your tier level that is determined by your ELO. Also, there is an “ELO Legend” badge in League of Legends that is given to the best players. These are mainly for pro players since they are the ones who are the best ones in the game. The higher your ELO or ELO Legends number is, the higher skilled you are.

Why is ELO Important?

ELO is very important due to the fact it is an indication of how well you play. So if you are considering to be a good player or even a pro player to play in higher competition levels, you need high ELO. If you are at the beginning of your ranked journey or stuck in some ranked tier, here are some things that you can do:

  • Always keep playing ranked and practicing yourself. This way you can gain more experience and achieve higher win rates.
  • Learn more about League of Legends by watching tips from the internet or getting help from a pro friend or a coach.
  • Avoid losing. Always try to win. If you lose too much or lose half of your games you will not be able to achieve higher ELO.

Now let’s pass on the main 3 reasons why higher ELO would make you a better player in LoL.

1- Playing with Hard-Skilled Players

When you are in high ELO’s, your teammates and opponents will also have high ELOs due to the matchmaking system of League of Legends. This makes the games fair, but there is more than a fair game for you. When you play with highly skilled players, you will start to improve yourself more since they will be much harder to beat. Your opponents will make fewer mistakes, and do more to outplay your team. Since they will be heavily experienced players, they will not just do much better in an individual way but in every way. For example, they will build strategies and make good communication among themselves and as a result, work better as a team. When you start to play against these kinds of teams, you will try to beat them by creating and building more unique strategies or trying different tricks. This will make you a more experienced player. Also, since your teammates will consist of highly skilled players, you will have a chance to learn from them. They will be close to professional players and will try to make good communication with you. You will most likely learn a lot from them in every way in LoL, and this will contribute a lot on the road to becoming a professional player in League of Legends.

2- Gaining Respect from LoL Community and Other Players

When you have higher ELO, it will indicate that you are a good player. Since any player in LoL will be able to see that, they will have much more respect for you. This does not only mean that they will not be aggressive towards you. Since you will be a highly skilled player, the respect towards you from the LoL community will most probably bring you many different opportunities. For example, a team organization may want to hire you to play for them. Or you can get to know a streamer that would increase your fame in the community.

Apart from these, the other players who have higher ranks will also know you and you would have good friendships from all around the world.

3- Getting More Victories and Rewards

Higher ELO also would make you get more victories easily. You can even play really well at your skill level. Taking down towers, getting kills would become very easy for you. Also, you can try boostingboss.com to make some extra bucks. Playing lower-skilled games would just be free wins for you and you can easily boost many accounts. You can also get so many more rewards. Beginners of LoL are usually complaining about how there are not enough rewards in the game, and you will not have to worry about that. There are a lot of gems, mounts, skins in the higher levels and ELOs to be claimed. You can also get rewarded by your team and winning tournaments or community if you have gained a lot of respect. These can be just money-based rewards or the rewards that would make you happy. When your ELO is high there will be too many rewards for you in every way!

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