Steps to Become a Successful YouTuber

YouTube has grown from a portal of curiosity-packed humorous videos to the world’s second-biggest search engine in only a few short years. During that time, the site (together with Google) was able to use its early success to build an increasingly profitable marketing center as more viewers and advertisers shifted from television to the internet.

The network, which claims more than 2 billion paid video views each week, can also offer a low-cost to no-cost method to establish a social marketing channel for your company. You’re losing out on the viral element if you’re not properly utilizing the network.

However, like with other things in life, success is seldom achieved by random, sloppy effort. Being successful on YouTube requires preparation. These 8 simple to execute steps are an excellent avenue to get you started and help you create YouTube videos that perform well on the platform.

8 Steps to YouTube Success

The video-making industry is becoming more competitive. So, today we’ll go through 8 steps that you, as a video producer, must follow to be a successful YouTuber.

1. Perform Detailed Keyword Research

To get found on the second biggest search engine, you will need to know what people are searching for, just like you would when producing content for your website. Use YouTube’s Keyword Tool to discover popular searches in your niche.

It is just as essential to optimize your digital media material for search as it is to optimize your written content on a blog or website. You must be strategic, do research, and understand who you want to reach.

Because Google includes YouTube videos in their search results, cross-referencing your Google keyword research with your YouTube keyword research may be an essential step in the planning process.

2. Analyze Your Competition

Search YouTube for other videos that are already performing well for the keywords you want to rank for. You need to examine your competition and devise ways to outperform them. This stage should also assist you with keyword research.

You need to leverage this analysis to investigate potential possibilities that your rivals may be overlooking. Are there any high-traffic keywords that may be simpler to rank for than the ones you were originally considering?

Are there any long-tail keywords you might target that would answer some of the more precise queries a visitor may have? Analyzing your competition will get you answers to all these queries.

3. Create High-Quality Content

You don’t make viral content simply because you want to. Viral content, unless it occurs by accident, must be well-planned and captivating! The most shareable videos emerge organically, rather than on purpose.

This may seem contradictory, but being loyal to your brand and creating digital content with a purpose for your target audience will be instructive, entertaining, and relatable.

It may not reach millions of people, but it will reach the intended audience. No one will forward a video to a friend if they don’t like it themselves.

4. Fill Out All The Video Details

When it comes to publishing your completed work, always keep the usual SEO procedures in mind. Check that all of the required fields are filled out and that they are focused on the desired keywords.

Put essential keywords at the beginning of your video titles, and include them in the description and tags as well. Don’t overdo it; simply include keywords that are important and supported by your analysis.

Keep essential information above the “Show More” fold on YouTube so that viewers don’t have to go through additional steps to see important data. Also, allow embedding of your videos.

Otherwise, viewers might be unable to post your content on their websites, and the videos will only be available on YouTube. Again, it all gets back to what you think about SEO. if any element of the navigation disturbs the user experience, you risk losing both your audience and your ranking.

5. Leverage The Featured Video Section

If you are certain that your video will be a big success, utilize YouTube’s paid “Featured Videos” option to have your video viewed by a large number of people quickly. When a video becomes viral, organic traffic typically outnumbers sponsored traffic.

You can pay to boost your chances of appearing when people search for you on Google, and you can do the same with your videos.

6. Incorporate Video Links

To get the most out of each viewer, use annotations to include connections to other videos. These appear throughout the video and direct viewers to another video or your website or blog. But don’t go overboard with this. Check that the annotations do not interfere with the viewing experience.

Use YouTube’s in video programming to create a featured video overlay if you have a single video that you want to focus driving views on. Include a branding watermark as well, so that visitors can quickly find your YouTube channel.

7. Identify Influencers In Your Network

Find YouTube users who are engaged and actively providing value by participating on social networks. Get your video in front of them – without spamming – so they can help you out.

Your video will also get additional traffic as a result of the increased engagement. YouTube will be introducing new tools to enhance the level of social engagement on the platform shortly.

8. Leverage Social Media

More people will view your video if you have established relevant social media profiles. By “relevant,” I mean that your friends and user history should be linked to the subject of your video for it to get more qualified traffic.

Digg, Twitter, and StumbleUpon are some of my favorite video-sharing websites. With Google+ integrated into YouTube, it’s much easier to reach out to individuals who may be interested in your video.


These are the first 8 steps you must take on your YouTube adventure. However, optimizing your YouTube channel does not stop here.

YouTube is just one major step in increasing the online popularity of your content; the next stage is to work on your website and social media and build a following on those platforms as well.

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