How to Get Your First 1000 Followers on Pinterest?

Initially, when you start to share your content on Pinterest, you might not get the desired number of followers. A good number of followers encourages you to share more relatable content. Now, you can grow your first 1000 followers easily with the help of But before moving ahead, let’s have a brief introduction to Pinterest. 

Pinterest is a platform where you can explore over 100 billion unique ideas, from designing a cloth to developing the whole house. People use to share creative ideas on traveling, fitness, fashion, designing and architecture, cooking, etc., on this platform to gain followers. 

7 Best Ways to Get Followers

People use Pinterest to grow their business, but there are a few things you need to consider for success. Pinterest may help increase traffic on your website and add a value point to your approach to marketing. But you need to develop strategies to grow followers. What are the easy ways to grow your followers? It may take some time but you can increase your followers by following these tips:

1. Focus on Your Profile

Your representation is the first impression of your content. A well-maintained profile attracts people and encourages them to repin. If you are making a profile for your brand, then sequentially share your content. A proper sequence helps people to understand your brand. A better understanding of your brand with the help of your pins and boards promotes better engagement. Focus on your brand name, website, description, profile picture, and content.

2. Focus on Content

Focus on filling your board with the number of pins that must be relatable to each other. But before you focus on quantity, you need to emphasize the quality of content. It has been observed that sharing popular pins increases the chances of interaction with new people. Start by clearing substandard descriptions from previous pins. Many marketing professionals advise you to share 80% popular content of others and 20% of your unique content. So before pinning, consider the following things:-

  • Image quality
  • Good description using keywords
  • Use words like most, free, easy, great, love, etc.
  • Pin without face
  • Vertical image
  • Easily understandable and representable image 

3. Content Sharing

Before sharing pins, you must know how to start pinning. It is the most reliable thing to find prominent pins of others and share them in your profile. Also, it’s the quickest way to fill your board that will have a positive effect. You can start by sharing already popular pins on your boards then share your unique content. This is because, after repining, results may end up with “also pinned by” helping you to form interlink. Your viewers will be able to see diverse content on a single profile that will be time-saving for them.

4. Use Keywords and Hashtags

Keywords and hashtags have an important role in escalating progress in the following. For this, you need to know about search engine optimization and how it works to increase traffic. If you want to appear on the searches, you can use SEO tools as well. Otherwise, what you can do for your profile is research popular keywords and hashtags. You can find keywords by writing a few keywords in the search bar and look into the suggestions. Use those suggestions in your description. You can find hashtags below the popular pins used by other pinners. 

 5. Organization of Boards 

While preparing the board, choose the name that contains keywords. Find the best category in which you can put your board. Pinterest also has sections to help you organize the boards. If you want to make a board that might have many sections, you can do this on Pinterest for proper organization. Categorizing your boards can benefit people to reach your content on easy searches.

6. Post in Consistency

Your content may take time to reach the viewers. You should be patient with it. It is a most effective way to get exposed to a good number of audiences by pinning consistently until you get desired traffic. You can also schedule your pins. Advance scheduling will be a time saver and a convenient way of publishing. The time of afternoon to midnight has the most active users. It has been found that pinning around 11 pm increases the chances of getting notified by a large number of viewers. 

7. Join Group Boards

A group board is a collaborative board owned by a person who further adds other pinners for contribution. To join the group board, you need to send the request to the owner of the board. The board will appear on your profile, and you will be able to add new pins. And if you want collaborators for your board, then you can change the board setting. Not only one collaborator, but you can add several collaborators to your board.

The followers of your collaborators will get exposed to your content. That’s why adding a good number of collaborators to your boards can bring more followers.

In this way, you can run or join several group boards that seem valuable to you and your viewers. The relevancy of content is necessary. Conclusion

A person can find several inspirational ideas to be shared in the form of images, animated GIFs, or short videos on Pinterest. Over 400 million monthly users get motivation from this platform for crafting, home decoration, gift ideas, DIY, cooking recipes, etc. 

If you want to get your first 1000 followers on Pinterest for your business, then you need to optimize your links. You have this large platform to share your inspiring idea to increase your reach. The role of followers does matter here as it ensures the exposure of your content to a large audience. More followers help to increase the chances of the interaction of your content with new people.

Start with completing the profile and sharing a link to your profile. Then, concentrate on implementing rich plans. Follow simple tips to promote the best engagement of viewers with your profile to gain 1000 followers quickly.

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