Best Ways to Tighten the Loose and Saggy Skin?

Aging is a challenge that everyone has to deal with. There is nothing you can do to stop aging. But the first thing that changes with age is the appearance of your face and skin.

But some adjusting in attitude is required to deal with signs of aging such as wrinkles, age spots, and loose skin. One should always cherish the wisdom and experience the growing up brings into life. However, it takes efforts to deal with the face and skin changes that occur with age. There are various home remedies, clinical treatments, and surgeries that are available to make your skin look younger by tightening the loose and saggy skin.

Though nothing can stop the flow of time, some preventions and medical solutions can reverse the effect of time on your skin. If your skin is also aging and has started sagging, it is time to fold your sleeves and do the required measures.

This entire article is focused on knowing and treating the saggy and loose skin along with other skin aging signs.

Where Do We Have the Saggy or Loose Skin?

When the skin loses its elasticity and firmness, the sagging starts taking place. Your skin can sag from anywhere but the most common area that are the major targets of sagging are:

  • eyelids
  • upper arms
  • stomach
  • jowls
  • chin
  • throat

What Are The Reasons For Sagging Skin?

  1. Aging – The elasticity and bounciness of your skin tend to lose over time. The two major proteins- elastin and collagen usually start to decline with age and hence the structure and firmness start fading.
  2. UV exposure– Similar to aging, UV rays also affect the formation of collagen in the skin dermis and hence promote sagging of skin.
  3. Pollution– Pollutants present in the atmosphere can reduce the oxygen in the skin and affect the production of collagen. This forms sagging skin, fine lines, and wrinkles on the skin.
  4. Poor lifestyle– Lack of nutrition, excessive alcohol consumption, and smoking can lead to poor collagen production that results in skin sagging.
  5. Weight loss– The extra body weight can damage the collagen and elastin fiber over a while. This makes skin snapping harder when you shred the extra weight and cause saggy skin.
  6. Pregnancy– Pregnancy usually causes skin stretching and weight gain. Therefore, it leads to sagging of skin after delivery. 
  7. Illness – Many skin diseases and medical conditions cause skin sagging and they can be cured with regular medical treatments. 
  8. Ehlers-Danlos syndrome– The Ehlers-Danlos syndrome (EDS) condition is originally an inherited disorder that affects the connective tissues. The patients of EDS have a problem in collagen production and thus have saggy and doughy skin.

How to Tighten Sagged or Loose Skin?

Home Remedies for Skin Tightening

As we have discussed above there are several factors that can lead to skin sagging, such as incorrect skincare, dehydration, alcohol consumption, weight loss, UV rays, and pollution. Fortunately, skin sagging can be cured- you can reverse the sagging, reduce it, or even delay it with simple and natural home remedies. The simple DIY home remedies to prevent skin sagging are given below. 

Important Note: You have to be regular with a remedy to reverse the sign of aging and sagging of skin. As we know nothing will be achieved overnight hence it is important to use these DIY treatments regularly with patience.

Remedy 1: Aloe Vera gel

Aloe Vera gel is the finest natural element to retain skin elasticity. It is rich in malic acid that effectively cures the sagging of skin. Applying it to your face is the simplest way to tighten skin

How to use: First, extract the aloe vera gel from the leave or you can try the ready-made aloe vera gel of any brand. Leave the gel on the skin for at least 20-30 minutes and then wash it off with lukewarm water. Adding honey and mayonnaise can enhance its effectiveness. You can apply this paste on your face or body, three to four times a week.

Remedy 2: Honey and Egg White

Egg white is rich in albumin protein which is the apt cure to fix the sagging skin. It will provide firmness to your skin by rebuilding the cells of your skin and make it healthier and tighter.

How to use: Mix the egg white and honey and blend it well. Now, apply this skin tightening mask on your face and neck, leave the mixture for at least 20 minutes, and wash with normal water. Repeat the process thrice a month. 

Remedy 3: Facial Massage

Massaging your face with oil is a perfect remedy to tighten your sagging skin. It will also clear your skin from within and make it smooth and radiant. Using almond oil or olive oil is perfect for giving your face a relaxing massage. Both oils are rich in Vitamin E and hence include anti-aging properties. You can even try coconut oil or jojoba oil for massage.

How to use: Take two tablespoons of olive or almond oil and warm it up. Then, massage your face or neck in an upward motion. Give a good massage for at least 10-15 minutes and wash your face with lukewarm water. Doing this will also remove your oil buds and control the sebum production. 

Remedy 4: Ground Coffee and Coconut oil

Coffee is rich in caffeine which can give your skin softness, firmness, and moisturization. The ground will also work as an exfoliator and the antioxidants will act as an anti-aging element.

How to use: Take 1\4 cup of ground coffee, 1\4 cup of brown sugar, ½ spoon of cinnamon, and two tablespoons of coconut oil. Use this scrub on your face for 5 minutes and rinse off with lukewarm water. Use this scrub once a week.

Remedy 5: Rosemary oil and cucumber

Rosemary oil is an essential oil that improves blood circulation on your face. It also contains an ample amount of anti-oxidant. This will help you reverse the process of aging and retain the elasticity and firmness of the skin. 

How to use: peel and grind a cucumber to make a smooth paste. Now add a few drops of rosemary oil. Massage the mixture on your face and neck to reduce the sagging skin. Leave it on the skin for 20 minutes and wash it off with lukewarm water.

These are the top 5 home remedies to cure the sagging skin and restore the suppleness and smoothness of the skin by fighting the wrinkles and fine lines. 

Creams and Lotions for Skin Tightening

There are various creams available over the counter to treat skin sagging but it is always recommended to consult with your dermatologists before using any cream available on market.  If you come across any side-effect, stop using the product immediately. 

Best creams, lotions, and skincare products are formed by using certain ingredients that can reverse aging, combat fine lines, treat wrinkles, and tighten skin at the same time. Whenever picking a skin tightening cream make sure it has one or more ingredients from the below-given list.

1. Vitamin C

Vitamin C is the most hyped ingredient nowadays but it truly deserves all the hype and popularity. Vitamin C is the perfect ingredient to delay aging and treat the signs of aging such as wrinkles, fine lines, and age spots. This will also improve the texture of your skin to give you smooth and supple skin.

2. Hyaluronic Acid

Hyaluronic Acid is known for its moisture-retaining properties. It has the water-binding characteristics that keep your skin hydrated and supple. This way it can correct the wrinkles and fine lines. It is an amazing ingredient to tighten skin and improve skin elasticity. Try this Holy Grail ingredient to improve the overall appearance of the skin.

3. Glycolic Acid or Lactic Acid

Both acids are a way to achieve tighter skin. They can cure fine lines and wrinkles to impart firmness to your skin. The over-the-counter products usually have a concentration of 10% or less. These acids will peel and remove the outer layer of skin leaving a fresh layer of skin. But, the products including Glycolic Acid or Lactic Acid can increase the sun-sensitivity, thus it is recommended to apply such products at night time and wear a good sunscreen during the day time.

4. Retinol

Retinol is another popular ingredient to cure loose and sagging skin. Retinol improves collagen production and makes your skin look firm and tight. The side-effects of Retinol consist of dryness, sun-sensitivity, and mild swelling of the skin.

In-office Procedures For Skin Tightening 

If you are obsessed with the tight and plump skin of Bollywood celebrities, read this section carefully. These skin tightening procedures are followed by most of the celebrities and people who want a firm skin all the time.

Non-Surgical Methods 

1. Chemical Peel

There are three major types of chemical peels are available for skin tightening:

  1. Superficial peels to remove epidermal layer
  2. Medium-depth peels for reticular dermis
  3. Deep peels targeting the lower reticular dermis

The chemical peels remove the topmost layer of the skin. It enhances the production of collagen fiber and water in the skin. The depth of effects depends upon the depth of peeling you choosing. Peels reduce fine lines, wrinkles, spots, and leave your skin fresh and healthy-looking. 

2. Laser resurfacing

This is a very effective method to control the skin sagging with the help of a laser. However, it is an intense treatment that demands a long recovery time. Laser resurfacing is a process of removing the upper layer of skin and sending the heat to the deep layers of skin. Usually, it is termed as laser peeling.

3. Micro focused ultrasound (MFU)

This technique is quite similar to laser peeling. Heat penetrates the deep skin layers to enhance the collagen production and lift the saggy skin. It takes a few months to see the actual results of the treatment, but it certainly lifts-up your skin, makes it firm and plump. The effect of the ultrasound remains for about 1 year.

Surgical methods

1. Face Lifting

It is a surgical process to treat fine lines, wrinkles, and saggy skin. This technique is mainly used on the face and neck. Face lifting can reverse the signs of aging and thus an effective remedy to lift the loose skin. However, Face lifting can have some side effects such as scarring, change in skin color, uneven shape of the face, blood clotting on the face, and irritation.

Your medical history is first analyzed before performing facelift surgery on your skin. It is advisable to go to an experienced doctor for any face surgical treatment 

2. Botox

It is a technique to Inject Botox into your skin and make it look firm and tight. It is best to treat the first few signs of aging

Few Tips to Avoid Sagging of Skin

  1. Do face yoga regularly
  2. Apply sunscreen daily, even inside your house.
  3. Drink collagen supplements
  4. Drink ample amount of water
  5. Use fewer chemicals on your skin.

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