Why is it so Difficult for Many People to Make Decisions?

Decision-making is an important life skill, even more, invaluable as we progress in life. It may seem so underrated, but it’s our decision-making skills that largely lead us in life, setting our path unless we reach another crossroads of major life decisions. If you already have a system for decision making but are facing a temporary roadblock, you may want to check out our tips on overcoming decision fatigue here: https://www.asianefficiency.com/productivity/how-to-beat-decision-fatigue-the-ultimate-guide/

But for those of you who have yet to build your system, you may want to find out the reason why you’re having difficulties arriving at the best option. Read on to find out more.

Unsure of How to Weigh the Options

Uncertainty in making decisions may stem from the fact that you are also uncertain of what you want out of the situation. You can’t make the right decision unless you are aware of the factors for consideration.

Assess the situation and try to list down the different factors that you think are important to take into consideration, as well as the different elements that will be affected by your choices.

You can start by asking the following questions:

  • Will I be the only one impacted by the decision I’m about to make? Or will there be other people affected? If there are, to what degree?
  • How soon do I have to make a decision?
  • What are your priorities?

The third question is important in particular, as having an answer to this even before looking at the options already gives you an inclination as to what option you are inclined to selecting or acting on.

But knowing what you want may not necessarily be what’s right that’s why it’s important to look at the other factors to help you make a more objective decision.

Unwilling To Face The Consequences

There are situations wherein we know the best decision to make, but that doesn’t make it any less difficult. Sometimes, the best decision is also the toughest, and doing difficult things takes courage.

The consequences of making a decision may seem daunting, especially if it brings the prospect of huge change. But no matter how big or small the decision is, always go back to the reason why this makes perfect sense amongst all other choices, and you might just have the courage to push through with it.  

Too Many Decisions To Make

Having to decide on too many things all at once can be difficult. It puts pressure on you and may cripple you to the point of not making any progress at all.

Try to lessen your decision making by

  • Delegating tasks to others
  • Setting a template, a pattern, or a routine
  • Setting a pace and knowing your timelines

The last one may not necessarily reduce the things you have to decide on in the long run, but it reduces what you have to decide on at the moment, giving your mind time to refresh.

How To Work On Your Decision-Making Skills?

It’s never too late to hone your decision-making skills. We make decisions every day, so there’s always an opportunity to improve starting with the smallest of situations, then working your way up to bigger ones.

Once you’ve set up a system on how to methodically weigh your options, you’ll find how improving your decision-making also improves your way of living. It reduces the stress and saves you time by arriving at decisions with less time, thus more opportunities to act on them. You’ll also notice your confidence growing, making you feel more in control of your life.

Find your rhythm and discover the system that works best for you. We’ve listed down some tips and practices you might want to try out to help improve your decision making here: https://www.asianefficiency.com/productivity/how-to-beat-decision-fatigue-the-ultimate-guide/

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