The Complete List of KickAss Proxy & Mirror Sites For 2021

Torrenting has always been in the trend for downloading files using P2P technology where you don’t have to depend on a single source or website; you just need a torrent search engine and a torrent client to download torrent files. That’s why you will see a lot of torrent sites ruling the internet and users taking advantage of it to download their favorite movies and TV shows. 

About KickAss Torrent Site

KickAss is one of the popular torrent sites that was founded in 2008; however, it only served the users till 2016 after which it got banned. This is a common scenario for such illegal sites that get banned after they are traced by the government or the internet service provider. 

That’s why KickAss proxy sites and mirror sites started emerging after it was banned. You will now see a lot of KickAss proxy sites doing the same job with a new domain.

KickAss got banned in several countries due to copyright violations; hence was taken down from the internet. Even after the original KickAss got banned, the mirror sites kept on attracting users. The proxy and mirror sites of KickAss allow users to access the original website even if it is banned in your area. That is the purpose of torrent sites to act as a mediator between the Kat mirror websites and the device on which you are accessing it so that you can access the KickAss torrent website even after it has got banned in your country.

Disclaimer- The torrent sites, proxy sites, and mirror sites listed ahead are for informational purposes only. We don’t promote or encourage their use to download copyright-protected content.

List of KickAss Proxy and Mirror Sites List 2021

Given below is a list of KickAss torrents proxy sites that are currently working-

There is no other way to get the KickAss site unblocked except using proxy sites that also host torrent files. So, anyone who wants to download torrents can go through these KickAss proxy sites listed above that have numerous torrent files and magnet links to offer using which you can download your desired movies and other content.

Proxy sites just act as a link between the website you want to access and your browser. So, when you visit a KickAss Torrent Proxy site, the browser connects to the Kat proxy and ultimately proxy connects to the website. Through this process, you are able to access all the data that is blocked in your area. Hence, if KickAss is blocked in your area, you can consider the KickAss Proxy list 2021 for all the working links. 

Alternatives to KickAss Torrents 2021

Although KickAss is a popular name in the torrenting world, there are many similar sites available as well that can perfectly work as an alternative to the KickAss torrent site in case it is not working in your area. Also, if the proxy sites of KickAss torrents listed above have also got banned in your country, the only option left is to consider these alternatives that offer similar content as KickAss.

Here are some of the popular alternatives to KickAss torrents in 2021:

These torrent sites can also be used for downloading torrent files if the KickAss is no longer active in your area.

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