Necessities of Restoring Damaged Fibro Roofs to Avoid Grave Illness

Asbestos or fibro roofs are added to roofing material because of their heat and fire-resistant properties. Fibro roofs are great for your homes. However, you need to check them regularly for any damages. The regular wear and tear might not be visible sometimes but can loosen the Asbestos and cause serious issues.

The loosening of Asbestos allows the micro-fibres to escape into the air and can penetrate the lungs. People who live under fibro roofs are prone to respiratory health problems. Damaged Asbestos poses a major threat to the overall health of the building also. In this article, we will understand the importance of restoring fibro roofs in time to prevent grave damages to the property and health of inmates.

Why is Fibro Roof Restoration Necessary? 

Fibro-roof restoration becomes necessary given the fact that Asbestos contains microfibres that are harmful to human health. Having Asbestos on your roof isn’t that much of a concern. However, having a damaged or withered fibro-roof is a matter of concern.

Fibro-roofs are made of mineral fibres that can cause lung cancer, respiratory issues, etc. Therefore, it is crucial to keep a close check on the roof’s health. If the roof is damaged or deteriorated, you need to get it repaired or restored as the condition implies.

When the roof is breaking down, the primary concern should be your health and safety. In this case, you should replace the roof at the earliest to prevent any damage to life and property. However, if the roof has minor damages and regular wear and tear, a restoration with the help of a professional should be a good choice.

Asbestos or fibro roofs are prone to leaks, penetration over time. Other than medical issues, a damaged roof also affects the resale value of your house negatively. Most homeowners will not prefer to renovate their newly built house. Hence, it will be a good idea to replace and restore the roof before selling it.

Health Risks related to Asbestos

Many workers have been killed because of asbestos fibres that entered the air and gradually caused lung cancer or other grave illnesses. The health risks increase when the fibro roofs are damaged due to fire, hailstorm, or other extreme weather conditions. Here are some of the main health issues caused by damaged fibro roofs:

Lung Cancer

The inhalation of Asbestos has been linked with lung cancer. Workers and inmates who live under fibro-roofs have been detected with lung cancer. Many studies have shown that all types of Asbestos and fibres are capable of causing lung cancer. 

The extensive exposure to micro-fibres causes damage to the lungs. It has been seen that workers have been diagnosed with lung cancer after almost 15 years from their first exposure to Asbestos. Additionally, if asbestos workers and fibro-roof inmates are smokers, the risk of lung cancer is higher in them.


Mesothelioma is a disease that, much like cancer, affects the chest and abdominal linings. It is a rare form of cancer. Unfortunately, even mesothelioma is linked with all kinds of Asbestos, including fibro-roofs. 

People who work in the asbestos industry or live under damage and deterioration are at great risk of mesothelioma. However, the timeline for being diagnosed with mesothelioma is 30 years from first exposure to Asbestos. 

It is still very dangerous. Most of the time, it becomes fatal. Also, the families of workers are prone to mesothelioma. The only relief about this disease is that, as contrary to lung cancer, the risk of mesothelioma does not increase in people who smoke.


Asbestosis is caused by severe exposure to Asbestos. It is mostly seen as asbestos workers. This disease is not cancer but affects the working of the lungs to the extent that people fall short of breath. In some cases, it may even be life-threatening.

How to Replace/Repair Asbestos or Fibro-Roofs?

Authorities have put enough emphasis on getting the roofs replaced or repaired only by professionals. However, as the fibro roof requires extensive care and knowledge about cleaning and replacement, calling the professionals is always a great choice. 

The professionals use PPE kits to cover themselves head to toe. They use top dollar masks with respirators to breathe clean air and reduce exposure to Asbestos. The site is also controlled, and all the fibro pieces are cautiously stored to trap the dangerous micro-fibres. They are then appropriately disposed of in the designated place.

Final Words

Asbestos roofs have been used for many years now. Though they were banned after 2003, the old constructions have been there. It has been seen that they have harmful and sometimes fatal health effects. They add a beautiful touch to the house, but fibro roofs are unsafe to use in the long run. 

They are silent killers as they do not show any effects for many years, but they are usually fatal. Therefore, it is necessary to replace the fibro-roof when you find damage in it.

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