3 Alarming Signs to Get an Eye Examination

I know you must get your monthly or 6-month visits planned. You go and visit your dentist, our gynecologist but is your ophthalmologist on that list too? Regular examinations are important to keep a check on your eyesight. But there are other issues too that might make you suffer in the future if you don’t visit the doctor right away. 

The best eye specialists of Lahore state that people who visit them are mostly those who rush in an emergency. It shows that visiting an ophthalmologist is not on the to-do list of most people. A lot of people do think that if they have their eyesight checked already once and they use prescription lenses or glasses they don’t need to give a visit again. 

It is better to pay a visit as the eye is much more than just a weakness. There can be signs of other diseases that your doctor might examine and point out. Some health problems can lead to you having issues with blurred vision and disclarity. 

1. Increased Risk of Eye Diseases

Just like any other disease, there can be conditions that can worsen your eyesight. When the risk is increased there is no guarantee if the eyesight would be controlled permanently or not. You should be getting your eyes checked yearly if you; 

There is a family history where everyone in the house has weak eyesight. Or the grandparents and the great grandparents have been wearing thick glasses all their life. If other issues like macula degeneration and diabetes are some of the issues you face then get ready as you are very much prone to getting your eyesight worse. The other reason can be you being diabetic or if you use the lenses a lot there are high chances that you need to visit the ophthalmologist to keep a check on the eye health. 

2. Allergies 

If your nose is constantly red and the eyes are continuously itching it is a sign of an allergy. But what kind of allergy you might wonder. The symptoms you are experiencing don’t need to be congestion or a stuffy nose. There are high chances that you have an eye infection getting worse. The major symptoms when you are dealing with an eye allergy include:

It is important to visit your doctor when you see all of these signs happening. If they keep getting worse consult an ophthalmologist that might suggest you medication that is suitable for the treatment. 

3. Long-Due Eye Examination 

If you are feeling difficulty in remembering the last time you visited an eye specialist and you feel that there might be something wrong with your eyesight. Please make an effort to give a visit to your eye specialist and get your eyes checked. There is a possibility that your eyes might be suffering from something serious and it is very essential to get the treatment done timely. 

As several eye issues don’t show the signs early on and show the signs when they get worse. Some of the common eye diseases that can get worse with time include;

Glaucoma: Thi disease damages your optic nerves. 

Age-related macular degeneration: this is the gradual loss in the eye tissue that uses light to see. 

Cataracts: This is the clouding of the lenses in the eyes which can end in the loss of vision.

The examination time can be decided by the person who has been suffering from any of these issues. If there is any kind of issue like that you must visit your ophthalmologist as soon as possible. If there are issues like these running in your family and your genes and the eye problems end in blindness then there is no guarantee that you will get cured of it completely. 


The eyes are a very important part of the body just like other organs. The care of eyes can never be neglected just like you cannot neglect other organs. Give a visit to your ophthalmologist once in a while and get yourself tested once a year at least. 


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