The 10 Most Innovative Music Companies of 2021

The primary role of a record label company is to promote music all over the world. The music companies are looking out for new artists, singers, and producers where they can introduce new talent in this industry and offer entertainment to their bored viewers. Suppose you find yourself gifted with talent and want to establish a strong fan base, then you must contact the music companies as most of them accept demos & unsolicited materials. With the help of these companies, your career can go global. Let us go ahead and find the list of 10 innovative music companies out there.

1. Sony Music Entertainment

First on our list is Sony Music Entertainment and it is the most popular recorded music company out there that has the current roster and includes many local artists & international superstars. This company has a huge catalog, which includes some important recordings. It is home to the best record labels and music from each genre.

2. Rostrum Records

Yet another popular music company on the list is Rostrum Records and it is the independent record label & management firm that was established by Benjy Grinberg Rostrum in Pittsburgh in 2003. Rostrum Records include a variety of exciting roster of new and seasoned artists and some are Wiz Khalifa, Goodbye Tomorrow, Mod Sun, TeamMate, and more. The company aims to bring new talent out and plays an important role in its development. This is the reason the company has become one highly successful record label today.  

3. Kobalt Music Group

It is the most innovative and independent publishing company based in the US and has offices across the world. The company represents over 8,000 artists songwriters, plenty of songs, and publishing companies. This company provides different types of services to their clients like global licensing and royalty collection; online data; brand partnerships; marketing and more.

4. Atlantic Records

This is the record label company that helps musicians to make and distribute their music. Atlantic Records offers a complete portfolio of the music collection of different artists and serves customers that are based in the US.

5. Island Records

Island Records maintains the position of being the world’s best record labels and the best place for the new & established artists of each description. Island records right from the starting staked its claim of the musical revolution that completely shook the world in the 60s, and still continues the spirit of this adventure.

6. Universal Music Group

This record label company is mainly engaged in music recordings, merchandising, as well as provides audiovisual content in 60 countries. The company gives break to recording artists & songwriters and is home to the most influential brands in music like Republic Records, Virgin Records, EMI Records, and more.

7. Babygrande Records

Being in this industry for a very long time, Babygrande is popular for bringing in new talents & promoting the career of seasoned artists. This company has 3,000 materials that mainly focus on different genres such as rock and hip-hop. The artists can easily reach them via email and get regular updates from their social media handles.

8. Virgin Records

Being a subsidiary of EMI Group, Virgin Records is a British company that is traded on the London Stock Exchange. Away from its traditional labels, Virgin probably is a record company that every artist must be aware of. And it is, because of its founder named Richard Branson.

9. Mad Decent

Los Angeles-based record label company, Mad Decent is headed by Diplo & managed by Jasper Goggins. The roster spans their music genre from moombahton to rock and includes Major Lazer, Diplo, Dillon Francis, Rusko, and more. This record label has introduced many up and coming producers like Dillon Francis, TroyBoi and Baauer to name some of them.

10. Warp Records

Warp Records is considered to be a highly influential & respected company in electronic music. Founded in one small room above the record shop, now the company has grown to an international audience, and has spawned some of the most successful film division & championed the groundbreaking artists of their generation. 

Final Words

These are some top 10 music companies that are seeking out talented artists to include in the rosters.

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