How To Have Theater Like Movie-Watching Experience at Home

As a means of putting behind the daily grind and the hustle & bustle of life, we used to go to watch the movies. Movies at theatres used to be such fun. But, now the movie theatres across the nation are closed, and they could remain closed for quite a while if current forecasts on the coronavirus pandemic stay on track.

It’s been so long that we have been sitting in our house with no source of entertainment in this lockdown. Isn’t it so boring to invest a full week working or attending classes and spend the weekend sitting at home doing nothing? Why not have a theater-like experience at home?

First, choose the movie you want to watch. Always go for the movies with subtitles rather than dubbed ones. Dubbed films seldom get the voices right, the original voice of an actor is generally distinct enough that the entire impact of the film is only ruined. The point of hiring an actor is not just to get a body with a stand-in voice, but to get both of them. Subtitles are effective, helpful, and add to the experience much more than dubbing does. You can easily get subtitles online. 

Here Are Some Hacks You Can Try at Home For Perfect Movie Nights


Ambiance does make a lot of difference while watching a movie. Turn off the lights and lamps and watch the movie in a completely dark room, essentially, there should be no light source in your field of vision as it can hinder the experience of viewing. Buy some heavy, thick curtains that block all incoming light and create a color scheme for your home theatre.

A Device

You want to add a computer on the video side, which is both wide and immersive. After all, the aim is to get lost in the material. A small screen makes you feel like you’re watching TV in a movie theatre at home instead of a blockbuster, so if you can, make the screen much larger. 4 K UHD (Ultra High Definition) TVs have a resolution of four times that of Full HD sets, so you have four times the amount of clarity. And since each pixel is smaller than those on the same size Full HD sets, you can sit closer to the screen without seeing the pixel-separating lines (what’s called the screen door effect).


What makes it immersive is getting surround audio in a movie. Make sure that the TV is positioned on or above a table-like surface to ensure that audio is amplified throughout the room. If you have a soundbar, put it on the end of the table as the audio would bounce outwards into the room instead of having it flush with the wall. Subwoofers, as they are typically omnidirectional, can be kept anywhere in the room.

The best is 7.1 surround sound, which envelops you in a bubble of sound using eight channels of audio. From the front, the left, right, and middle speakers assault, while four additional surround speakers are located on the sides and rear. The eighth channel is entirely devoted to the subwoofer bass.

Wall-to-wall carpeting is considered to be the best choice for home theatre flooring since it not only absorbs sound but also makes the room feel cozy. Bass frequencies that fly low near the floor are perfect for absorbing carpets.


You should be able to fill the screen with a projector that measures at least 8.3 feet (2.5 meters) diagonally. This is a big leap over a large HDTV plasma or LCD and brings the configuration of your home theatre into the realm of the real theatre. Nothing beats the color theatre feeling of a giant white screen hanging on your wall, even though you could shine a projector onto a blank wall. The challenge of lighting is the downside of a projector and screen combination.


You’ve created a space that you will never want to leave with a giant projector, atmospheric lighting, amazing sound, and even artwork filling your home theatre. What you need is some film popcorn now. And with a genuine popcorn machine, you will fill the air with the scent of popcorn — it will add a delicious snack and a whole lot of personality to your theatre.


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