The Rolling out of New Live Shopping Feature from TikTok

TikTok is known for surprising its users with new updates frequently. The thoughts and interests of people upgrade consistently with the arrival of new technologies. Hence, social platforms are in the place to update them according to the latest trends. TikTok is very mindful in updating its application. Notably, this character of the minimal-duration video social platform aided it to sustain the enormous competition from other social applications and helped it have sustainable growth. Recently, TikTok has launched an array of updates. Read this article to know about the new updates from TikTok.   

Taking the Social Sales to the Next Level:     

Today, the growth of a social platform is determined by how inclusive they are of marketing. Gone are days when social platforms were considered as an entertainment medium. Today, people have also started to use social platforms to check product details and make purchases. Brands can buy TikTok followers to carry out efficient marketing on TikTok. Hence, social platforms are in the place to cater to this expectation of the users. TikTok knew it very well and implemented the necessary changes. Hence, it is more ready for a social sales environment than any other social platform.  

TikTok is making at least slight modifications constantly for marketing in its application. Recently, it has raised the eyebrows of its competitors by introducing TikTok Live Shopping. The advent of this feature has built a good name for TikTok among marketers. The launch of this feature brings marketers one step closer to achieving their sales goals efficiently. Trollishly has opined that TikTok has introduced this feature at the right time. It also added that there is no better time than now to come up with such a feature.  

Trollishly on the Characteristics of Live Shopping:

The New Live Shopping feature enables the live streamer to share the product or service links to the viewers in real-time. The launching of such a feature is appreciated by many product promoters globally. For a long time now, the Live feature has been capitalized on for launching new products in the market. Brands never miss to live-stream their product launch events on the social platform they prevail. Thus, Live videos are center stage in both B2B and B2C marketing in recent times. Trollishly states that the enabling of the Live Shopping feature helps brands to make their viewers take action during the Live video itself. So, the rolling-out of such a feature is a notable benefit to the marketers. 

The Way Live Videos Have Been Used:

Live Videos have been achieving better traction for a long time now. Moreover, the duration of this video form extends to one hour. So, the duration of this video form is a tremendous advantage for marketers. They can provide a detailed interpretation of a product through Live videos. Today, people have also become detail-oriented. They get convinced to purchase a product only if they feel that they can get the full benefit of the money they pay. So, rather than all other video forms, Live Video is the ideal form to give a detailed description of a product. 

Hence, TikTok Live is a suitable feature according to the current thought process of the audience for brand promotions. During the live sessions, the viewers can comment in real-time, for which the Live Streamer can respond instantly. Now through the Live Shopping feature, live streamers can provide the purchase link instantly if the viewer shows interest in taking action. Therefore, the advent of the Live Shopping feature has simplified the marketing process. It enables the marketers to drive the prospect to take action within minutes. Hence, it is up to the marketers to use this feature efficiently. 

A Great Boon for Influencers:

Today, Influencers are the significant promoters for a brand. The majority of the Influencers have collaborated with any brand and promoted it on social platforms. TikTok is one of the few social platforms that have numerous Influencers. Many new products are getting known by the people only through Influencers. These Influencers have the habit of going Live and chatting with their followers. Many Influencers go Live once in a while and talk to their followers by asking about their well-being etc. Such sweet gestures by Influencers build a good image for them among their followers. 

After the advent of TikTok’s Live Shopping feature, Influencers can go Live and market the products in real-time. Moreover, they can share the purchase links with the viewers while interacting during the Live videos. In the coming times, we can see the trend of TikTok Influencers going Live frequently and doing brand promotions. Thus, the rolling-out of this new feature is expected to bring considerable changes in the TikTok Marketing. Hence, it is suggested to give priority to this marketing form. 

Wrapping Up:  

All the Social Platforms are constantly researching about updating their Live feature. TikTok, as always, is ahead of other social applications by introducing this Live Shopping feature. TikTok may add many more features to Live in the coming years. However, brands and marketers should be ready to accept it and bring changes accordingly. Likewise, TikTok Marketers should be ready to upscale their growth according to the new trends. 


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