Simple Tips for Maintaining the Beauty of Your Brazilian Body Wave hair:

If you want to look beautiful all the time while walking, or traveling or even in a busy life, then Brazilian body wave is the best Hair solution.  If they are not properly placed or cleaned properly, proper results may not be obtained. Here are some tips to help you keep your salon fresh.

Co-Wash Your Hair:

Co-washing your hair before and after you place your Brazilian hair is a terrific method to renew it. With a good conditioner, this should be done once a week. When you wear your Brazilian hair regularly, it loses its entire body and lustre. Co-washing is a four-step procedure that begins with:

  1. Wet the hair with water and apply a moisturizing conditioner.
  1. Then comb the hair with a wide toothbrush and leave the conditioner in the hair for about 5 minutes.
  1. After the weave is rehydrated, then thoroughly clean and wash the entire conditioner from the weave.
  1. Allow the Brazilian hair to air dry after patting it dry with a soft towel to eliminate extra water. When eliminating extra water, be careful not to press the hair together, since this can cause unmanageable frizz and tangles.

To Avoid Shedding, Seal the Wefts:

Wefts are the foundation of beautiful hair weaves, and sealing them is one of the most effective ways to keep them from shedding. If your weave has been in place for a long, you may need to have it professionally Rebuilt. Any weft hair, including Brazilian body wave hair, is prone to shedding immediately after installation.

While it’s practically difficult to eliminate shedding, securing the hair at the wefts before placing the weave can help. To drastically limit the amount of loss of your Brazilian body wave hair, it’s ideal to start with high-quality wefts. Some individuals use fabric glue or other solutions to seal the wefts, however, they may not be able to tolerate exposure to oil, heat, and water.

As a result, it’s ideal to request a high-quality weft sealer from your stylist, one that will bond swiftly and leave the area flexible after drying. Several weft sealants are available that create a strong binding without leaving a white crust or residue along the weave. Place a cloth or newspaper on a big surface, such as a dining table or countertop, to apply the sealant.

Lay the hair weave on the surface and secure the ends with something solid so you can see the wefts and prevent them from tangling while applying the sealant. For a tighter seal, apply the sealant directly over the weft stitches and glue from the top.

Avoid getting the sealant on the Brazilian body wave hair itself, as this can cause clumping and damage. Furthermore, because of its thickness and reduced shedding due to the double stitching, it is strongly advised that you use double weft hair to avoid shedding.

Brazilian Body Wave Hair Installed Correctly:

It is critical to not sow through the weft, but rather around it while installing your Brazilian sew in hair. This will help to extend the life of your weft. Also, if you want to reuse the wefts, avoid cutting them. This is a matter of personal preference, and if you choose to trim them, make sure to seal the wefts before installing them.

Brazilian Weave Drying & Styling:

Avoid using a high setting on your blow dryer or heated styling products when drying or styling your Brazilian body hair weave. Excessive hair, like real hair, can dry out the weave and loosen the bonds. Never go to bed with a damp hair weave since it will mat and smell musty.

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