13 Excellent Toy Storage Options for Your Kids

Many kids love to line up objects like cars, shapes from a shape sorter, books, or stuffed animals, and because of it, they need an accessible place where they can do such activities whenever they feel like it. Dedicate an unused section of a closet, basement, or garage space for toys that are not regularly used. Kids and their curiosity respond to vibrant colors and artistic designs. That’s why we’re showing 13 excellent toy storage options that will be perfect for your kids’ toys. Let’s start!

1. Delta Children Plastic Bin Toy Organizer (TB83461GN-026)

This 6.35 kg Delta Children grey organizer made of wood materials features nine plastic bins in different sizes that can be a place for kids’ toys for ages three to six. This toy storage option is creatively designed that your kids will surely love.

2. Munchkin Super Scoop Bath Toy Organizer (27186)

The 280 grams Munchkin grey toy organizer features a strong Push-Lock suction cup firmly arranged to tiles and fiberglass tib walls. It has a mesh fabric that quickly dries the product because air can flow, and its extra-large opening makes the kids grab the toys easily.

3. Skip Hop Bath Toy Organizer (235058)

The 181 grams grey Skip Hop bath toy storage for babies and toddlers can hold a large volume of toys and its mouth is wide open making it accessible all the time. It is made of neoprene and can be washed in a machine. It is a type of corner toy organizer which is fit to save space.

4. DentJet Car Backseat Organizer (GM-car storage)

This 599 grams DentJet made of Oxford is best in storing and organizing small kinds of stuff like phones, tablets, and of course, kid stuff. It has 19 storage pockets for toys, tissue boxes, bottles, and travel accessories. This organizer is very easy and quick to install because of its two adjustable buckle straps.

5. BENOAU Foldable Toy Storage Bag

This 150 cm blue BENOAU portable and foldable floor play mat and toy storage bag with drawstring are made of a sleek, non-toxic, and odorless premium parachute fabric material. It has a sturdy nylon cord and cord lock provides a convenient method for opening and closing. It is ideal for keeping toys sorted at home, even best when utilized to bring toys and games to the house of a friend so that toys won’t be lost.

6. Ziz Home Toy Storage Hammock (ZHTH2020)

This white Ziz Home hammock is created to store ten stuffed animals and as bedroom decor for kids. Hammocks from Ziz Home are made using sturdy netting. It is very easy to hang and it matches any decor.

7. SAKUYV Square Canvas Toy Storage Basket

The 200 grams SAKUYV toy storage basket made of linen and cotton fabric with a geometric design has a metal ring to maintain its shape at the top. It is waterproof and suitable for any occasion like it can be placed in any corner of the house such as in the bedroom, balcony, drawing room, hallway, cloakroom, toilet, and kitchen.

8. Xinblue Baby Bath Toy Storage (XB0188)

This 23-gram polyester Xinblue Baby durable bath toy organizer can keep the bathroom organized and clean in a simple way that works. It features a high-quality Mesh and is easy to organize, plus it allows the water to completely drain from the bag. 

9. HOME4 Toy Storage Container (HWC)

This 1.13 kg double-sided Home4 BPA toy storage container is the best in storing small toys, LOL, Lego dimensions, shopkins, hot wheels, little pet shop figures, pieces of jewelry, and many more.

10. HOMYAM Extra Large Storage Basket (HOM-11)

This 1.78 kg extra-large HOMYAM cotton rope toy basket in white and beige offers plenty of space, with dimensions 55.1 x 55.1 x 35.1 cm LWH, for blankets, pillows, kid’s toys, and stuffed animals. It is 100% natural and handmade making it safe for babies, kids, and even pets. 

11. Modern Home & Co

The 1.5 kg Modern Home & Co fading grey basket is made up of woven cotton rope that is beautiful for interior decoration, aside from being useful storage for kid’s toys.

12. Hatisan Mesh Space Saver Bags Organizer

The 308-gram hanging space saver Hatisan bag organizer is made up of nylon and mesh that cannot be easily deformed, waterproof, easy to clean, and more durable. The three compartments are perfect for storing toys especially during travel, also in the kid’s room, bathroom and balcony.

13. Leeche Storage and Display Case (LOLCC001)

This 331-gram Leeche storage and display case for dolls are in pink color. It is a strong and durable bag, allowing the girls to store and organize their favorites dolls like barbies. It is easy to organize and carry anytime anywhere.

In a Nutshell

The various toy storage designs and ideas mentioned are perfect to make your kid’s toys and belongings more organized. Organized and neat surroundings can help you stay stress-free and allow your kids to play safely. It can also cause a harmonious relationship between you and your child. We hope you were able to pick from these excellent toy storage options. What are you waiting for? For more information and storage ideas, visit Storables.com today!

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