Universal Psychic Directory – How to Locate the Right One?

Psychic readings generally involve the divine vision and sense to foresee your future. This field of psychic reading has gained huge popularity and momentum over the online mode because of the emergence of reliable platforms that provide the best psychic reading sessions.

Many people want to check out what their future holds. Suppose you are among them, you may consider getting such services right from your home comfort without worrying about privacy, financial security, and getting duped by the astrology hacks.

How Do We Evaluate the Top Psychic Reading Universal Directory? 

  • Readings – The top psychic readings cover a huge range of spiritual abilities and topics, right from the tarot readings, crystal balls, numerology, dream analysis, astrology, aura readings, career forecasts, fortune-telling, and much more. As such, these sites’ psychic readings have scored much higher on the list.
  • Psychics – Do these platforms screen their psychics for accuracy and authenticity? Can the users navigate their psychic’s profile page or read the customer reviews? And answers to all the above questions and affected ranking on the top 20+ universal directory.
  • Guarantee – What if any user is not happy with their reading? Does this platform offer a satisfaction guarantee and refund policy? The psychic websites that provide satisfaction guarantees and ways to test their psychic through a free or trial minute scored much higher on the list. 
  • Interface – How simple is this platform to move around? Will users filter their psychics based on the price, ability, experience, etc.? Is their payment process straightforward? Answers to the questions like these or more are rightly taken on board while ranking these top psychic reading sites.

Now, let us start with the best universal psychic directory:


While joining this website, the newcomers get the answer to a few complimentary questions that is amazing for the people who just want one question to be answered. There are free horoscopes accessible on the website. Also, all the psychics are authenticated, thus they will guarantee that their readings are accurate. 


When users join this site, they get a free 4minute chat. It allows a person to know if they like this website or feel it is the best choice for them. The site provides various readings, from tarot readings, dream readings, to horoscopes.

Psychic Vop

After registering with Psychic Vopt, the users will be given free credits, which allow them to test out available psychics. 

Psychic World

There’re a lot of tarot readers & mediums accessible to answer all your questions here. The benefit of making use of this website is they accept various payment modes, which include leading cards & PayPal.

Purple Ocean

This website predominantly provides video psychic readings, hence it is the best alternative for you Psychics on this site gives readings and answer questions on money, love, and various other issues.

Moon Predictions

This is one longest-standing psychic platforms online since they are in this industry for over 35 years now. Their psychics are handpicked, so they deliver the best readings on the phone and email.


If someone is interested in the love readings instead of asking questions on money and careers must consider this site. They provide the discounted rate for their initial session, and the talented psychics provide risk-free love readings.

The Circle

Another best site where psychics are accessible 24 by 7, this website is the best choice for people with busy schedules. Although many psychics deliver even phone readings, there is an option for chat readings online too.


The best feature of the Bitwine site is several psychics that are available here, which include ethical and accurate tarot readers, astrologers, and mediums. This allows the users to find top psychic and suitable reading.

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