Top Classic Wedding Cake Options for Unforgettable Celebration

Today, the market is full of wedding cakes in a wide range of eye-catching shapes, sizes, and designs to choose from. They are perfect for making a marriage function memorable forever with their heavenly beauty and mesmerizing taste. Desserts of this nature usually occupy a central position during a wedding and such ceremony usually seems to be complete in itself without their gorgeous presence. Almost all the attendees of celebrations of this type eagerly look for confections of this type and cannot resist having at least a few bites of these. 

This is the reason most newly wedded couples do not mind investing a lion’s share of their budget on cakes that are mostly cut into equal pieces and share the first few pieces among themselves before finally opening it to others. Go for the one that would surely match the theme of an event venue. Take into consideration the experience of the baker, who would be baking the dessert to perfection. The below-mentioned is the list of some of the trendiest wedding confection options.

Peanut Butter Cup:

This one of the desserts that usually comes first to one’s mind while thinking about tasty wedding cakes. Most of the edibles of this type are often featured with a sweet and salty taste and a nutty texture. They work especially well for couples, who are after a delightful chocolate cake with peanut butter, buttercream, and shaving of dark chocolate. Those who have a special charm for chocolate or caramel, then you must definitely go for the confections with chocolate or salted caramel. Most desserts of this type are usually priced very reasonably without any compromise in quality. 

This is especially true in the case of those available over the internet. Give a try to the unique cake of this type that is often available with a wide range of twisted flavors that would certainly be liked by everyone. These usually come in two recently invented flavors such as citrus and citrus meringue fillings with three smaller layers. On the other, the chocolate orange desserts are filled with minted buttercream at the bottom.  Keep in mind to buy cakes online of the type to forget about the hassles involved in visiting a bakery store located far away in the town.

With the supernatural power of cupcakes from this segment, they surely form one of the most popular go-to confections for millions of couples from various parts of the world. They work fabulously with almost all the frosting and fillings. Several experts are of the opinion that vanilla desserts with vanilla buttercream have recently hit the market a few years back.

cake delivery online with their mind-blowingly sophisticated look and a rich flavor form a cost-effective alternative to the ones available at physical stores. They are mainly popular for their extended life with very minimal care and can stay optimally fresh for several hours under room temperature.

Fresh Strawberry Cream Cakes:

Can anyone resist having at least a few bites of a precisely baked strawberry dessert at a wedding venue? Absolutely not. It is the most preferred choice for everyone during an event organized on a hot afternoon. Confections of this kind are often accented with a sweet simplicity along with the delightful slices of fully mature strawberries. You can fix the size of each piece as per your own preference.  It is always advisable to decide on the size of each serve based on the total number of guests that you are expecting to be present at the wedding.  

Know would be cutting the cake at the event venue and explaining to him how big you want each slice to be. Make sure he has access to the right tools for cutting a cake with perfection. In case he does not have, then arrange for them from somewhere.

The latest desserts from this segment usually come elegantly brushed with hazelnut praline buttercream in addition to a thin layer of dark chocolate ganache.

Chocolate Chip Cake:

Although this confection comes a bit later, it is no less popular than the ones mentioned earlier. It would surely give all the guests reasons to enjoy the rich chocolaty flavor in complete isolation. The hint of high-quality spices gives the elegant dessert a unique flavor.

Remember to send through cake delivery in Gurgaon or at the event venue of your close ones that are often featured with a rich note of hand-picked ingredients along with edible frosting.

Classic wedding cakes are usually powered to take the guests at your wedding or that of your loved one to a paradise that is filled with heavenly joy.

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