Why You Should Try CBD Oil for Pets


The things we own are our responsibility and therefore we have to take proper care of them. It will amount to irresponsibility if we fail to do so. And besides, we wouldn’t want those things to be in bad shape or to be of no more use to us, therefore, we have to take care of them.

A class of things that many of us humans own is pets and these pets have to be taken care of. Taking care of them is not easy especially in the area of their health challenges. This aspect of healthcare does entail a lot of time and money. However, there are healthy options that you can try such as the CBD option that has been proven to be very effective in handling various health challenges in humans and in pets.

What is CBD Oil?

This is an extract gotten from the cannabis plant (it is one of the many components that make up the cannabis plant), it is also known as cannabidiol. It is one of the two major components out of the many other components that make up the cannabis plant. The other major component is tetrahydrocannabinol (THC for short) which is the component with the psychoactive effects that get one high. You can read more on this at https://www.healthline.com/health/cbd-oil-benefits.

Why is CBD So Popular?

Research carried out over the years has shown that there are many health benefits of these components to all mammals (humans are of course included). And this is because all mammals have endocannabinoid systems present in the brain and in the body and so CBD can interact with the cannabinoid receptors in the body. Because of this interaction with these receptors that help the body to function well, it can affect various areas of the body of all mammals in mostly positive ways.

With this discovery, there has been a boom in the market demand for cannabidiol-based products. A lot of wellness products have also incorporated it as part of the ingredients used in the making of their products. Those in animal health are not left behind so that now, there are CBD products for the treatment of our pets.

Benefits of CBD to Pets

There are lots of proven benefits that this extract has for pets, some of those benefits are:

For Anxiety Disorder Treatment

There are many reasons why your pet might have an anxiety disorder. However, studies have shown that cannabidiol has anxiolytic effects (that is anxiety-relieving effects) on animals. For this reason, it can be used in the treatment of dogs and cats with anxiety disorders.

For Pain Treatment

Different health challenges might come with pain for your pet (this also happens to humans). However, this plant extract is very helpful in giving pain relief as shown by studies and animal owners who have treated their pets with it.

For Seizure and Epilepsy Treatment 

Animals do suffer from seizures and epileptic fits and there are many reasons why this may occur. However, some CBD clinical trials that were conducted have shown that cannabidiol can be used to treat this condition in them, and in some quarters, it is even preferred to routine drugs used in the treatment of these conditions. This is because they might have side effects on the liver.

For Appetite Restoration

It does happen that your dog or cat for one reason or the other (mostly health condition though) might lose its appetite for food. When this happens, a meeting with your veterinary doctor should be scheduled. In the meantime, cannabidiol can help to restore its appetite.

For the Treatment of Arthritis 

For those of you who do not know; yes! Animals can suffer from arthritis. This can occur as a result of age, obesity, or as a result of a wound previously gotten by the pet which might not have healed properly or though it has healed has left its mark. CBD can treat this condition so your dog or cat can be up and about.

Helps Fight Cancer

Current research shows that cannabidiol helps to inhibit the growth of tumors. These tumors can also grow on the body of your pet and they can be cancerous and deadly if left to fester. This doesn’t necessarily mean that it is a cure for cancer rather it helps to inhibit its growth and if the tumor was discovered on time, it can be used to stop its growth.

Things to Note When Getting CBD Oil

Beware of Where You Make the Purchase

Every time that there is a huge interest in a particular product, (especially when it is a health and wellness product) a lot of supposed manufacturers spring up. For this reason, you have to be mindful of the place that you go to purchase these products. You can view this as an example of the kind of places to visit for these products.

Do Seek the Opinion of A Veterinary Doctor

The opinion of a veterinary doctor cannot be over-emphasized. The symptoms that your pet is exhibiting might just be offshoots of a deeper problem. For this reason, there is a need for a proper diagnosis of their health status.


Our pets are creatures that are dear to our hearts. Many homes today are not complete without them and yes, they do bring joy to our lives.

However, with ownership comes the responsibility of taking care of them and ensuring that they are in good health. One way to do this is by treating them with CBD oil.

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