How To Speed Up The Download Of Your Large Files?

Use a Torrent Tracker!

While downloading multiple files from a torrent website like- uTorrent, BitTorrent, and Vuze you may interconnect with a lot of seeds(upload) and peers(download+upload). That leads to slow download speed, due to less availability of seeds.

Here comes the Torrent Trackers, to speed up the downloads within a comparatively high speed. Good torrent trackers are a must to increase the download speed of torrent files.

Simply, torrent trackers are servers to keep a track of the peers available at the moment that offers you the requested files. These special servers help in better communication between torrent clients and peers to speed up downloads. These servers track all the connected users and help them find each other for mutual benefits and usage.

Are You Stuck While Using A Torrent Tracker?

Follow the steps to use the Tracker effortlessly in less time

Step 1: Set up a Torrent of your choice(uTorrent) on your device.

Step 2: Download the Torrent File of your Choice

Step3: Right-click on the Downloaded Torrent File

Step 4: Go to Properties

Step 5: Copy and paste the best trackers(from the list below) under the tracker’s option and click ‘OK.

Best functional torrent trackers, mentioned below:

After following the above steps, your download speed will probably increase, at least comparatively.

TIP: You can always check the speed at the active speed bar while downloading for comparisons.

How Do These Torrent Trackers Work?

The torrent tracker works as a Stock Market center, providing downloads and uploads through P2P technology. This server helps in downloading/uploading the particular torrent file, through the mediation and assistance of a torrent client that sends this request to one of the available seeds or peers, by sharing this user’s IP address.                                                             

Adding more Torrent Trackers can lead to more chances of getting a large number of seeders and peers for your required file.

More Torrent Trackers> Seeds/ Peers> High seeds> High Downloading Speed

Availability of more uploads will lead to faster downloading speed.

All things considered, there should be Less Leechers, followed by More Seeds and Moderate Peers. Carried out by Clients, to run a free, easily accessible Healthy Torrent System for all.

Difference between two types of Torrent Trackers: 

To resolve the Scepticism,

Entertains limited Clients. Only allows Approved Clients.Entertains all Clients. No Client Restriction.
Includes a set of Rules and GuidelinesNo specific set of Rules
Private and Safe-from viruses and legal activitiesPublic, but safe. If used through trusted sources.
High-Quality Torrents, fast downloading speedComparatively Medium-Quality Torrents, moderate downloading speed
Maintains a Healthy CommunityMaintains an open Community
Listed below are some of the finest verified Private Sites:

Listed below are some of the greatest verified Public Sites:

Reliable Torrents to choose before Torrent Tracking 

-It is very important in today’s life to buy on websites carefully before Torrent Tracking. Following comparisons are provided for the same information required.

Presenting comparisons to make your free bets easier:

uTorrentWindows macOSLinuxAndroidLightweightCustomized operationsScheduled DownloadsNot the best UIFreeOr $19.95/year
BitTorrentWindowsmacOSAndroidGreat for first-timersSmall file sizeGreat performance resultsAnnoying AdsFree or $19.95/year
qBittorrentWindowsmacOSLinuxFreeBSDUser-friendly No adsLightLacks CustomizationFree

Fact Check: According to the market share report published by Torrent Freak(March 2020), uTorrent occupies the first position by a long mile with a whopping 68.6% market share. uTorrent is followed by BitTorrent in the second position with a 6.6% market share. libtorrent comes in at number three with a market share of 6.3%.

How to use Torrent Trackers, without getting Sued?

Torrent Tracking should be practiced carefully under certain conditions. As most of the platforms are publicly accessible, there are high risks of accessing and tracking your Ip addresses by peers.

Lots of Companies are hired to track these IPs and once tracked, it can block your accounts leading to the incarceration of the user. As shown below:

TIP: Always connect to a Virtual Private Network (VPN), while downloading the torrents anonymously. To prevent your account from blocking and tracking.

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