How to Assemble a Magic Mop? [SOLVED!]

‘How to assemble my magic spin mop?’ This was the first question I thought of after buying it.

You might be like me, right? Not knowing the assembly of a magic mop and looking for it over the internet.

Don’t worry, it’s easy, like eating cheese!! YUM!

I know there is no resemblance between cheese and magic mop, lol! But the point is assembling the magic mop is easy. So, let’s begin with it.

What Things will Change by Buying a Magic Mop?

I am certain that many of you are already using the magic spin mop. But have you ever noticed the difference before easy mop and after buying it?

Maybe, you might not have noticed it! So, here are some features that make magic mop easy to use and make the task easy as well.

Here are the advantages that are noticeable after buying a spinning mop:

Easy Cleaning:

The spinning mop makes the cleaning easy. The difficult area of the house like corners, under the sofa, etc., gets an easy cleaning. The stick of the magic mop is telescopic; hence it comes with a bending angle. 

No Stains on the Floor

The mop is designed with microfiber hairs. The microfibers don’t leave any stains and scratches on the tiles. The marble, wood, vinyl, etc. You can also use this mop for cleaning the car. 

The Water Savior

The traditional moping system consumes more water compared to the easy mop. The thing that makes it a water savior is that the spin head that is used to dry the mop fills the water back into the bucket.

Hence, the spilling of water like in the traditional mop gets less, and water is saved.

Works Without Electricity

Unlike vacuum cleaners, air purifiers, and many other cleaning devices, easy mop does not require any electrical supply to work on. Hence, it can also be said that an easy mop is a power savior as well.

You might be thinking that you are here to read the steps to assemble the magic mop. 

So, yes, I am writing the next topic to guide you about assembling the magic mop.

Let’s begin!

Stepwise Guide to FIX an Easy Spinning Mop!

I request you to follow the instructions carefully to get through the process successfully.

  • Unbox the product first.
  • Take out each part of the mop carefully.
  • Now the main thing to fix is the mop itself. 
  • There may be around two different pieces of the handle.
  • Fix one piece inside the other. (Like fixing the water pipe on the tap.)
  • Now, rotate the handle in the clockwise direction to tighten it.
  • Take out the micro-fibrous refill from the pack and the plastic head you have to fix it.
  • Press the micro-fiber refill towards the inner portion of the plastic head until you hear a click sound. 
  • Please be attentive because if you continue pushing the refill even after the click sound, it might break. And you might have to get a new one. 
  • The final step is to attach the mop head to the handle at the end, where you will find the clip to attach it.

These steps are the final steps to follow while having to assemble the mop.

Easy, right?

I knew at the end you might think the same.

Here is some additional information that I think you might require to read BEFORE USING A MAGIC MOP! So, let’s begin with the information.

Things to Keep in Remembrance Before Using a Magic Mop! [How to Use It?]

If you think the steps that I wrote in the above paragraph were easy to understand, then the following steps are easier than it. Let’s get it.

  • Pull out the mop bucket from the pack and fill it with water. 
  • Make sure to pour the required water only. Because more than adequate water may spill on the floor while drawing the bucket.
  • If the bucket has wheels underneath, it would become easy to move it from one room to another. 
  • Add some floor cleaner if required. Now, take the mop and place the mop head inside the water-filled bucket.
  • After it is completely soaked in water, pull it out and put it in the drying case.
  • Push it through the pitch in the middle of the drying basket, and it will spin to release extensive water.
  • Dry it the same way for 2 times and then get ready to mop the floor.
  • If you feel that still the micro-fibers are wet, dry them again. 
  • After cleaning one room, you can soak the mop into the water again and dry again. 
  • Follow the same steps to get through the cleaning process.
  • If you own a big house, change the water after it gets dirty. 

Following these steps will make your house shine after the cleaning is done! And the feeling that a clean house gives is one of the best feelings in the world.

I agree with this fact, I think you might also agree with it. Here, I would like to conclude this article.

Ending Words!

In the end, I think you might have enjoyed reading this article and also received the required information. If you guys have any more queries or queries regarding the magic mop product, do let me know in the comment section. I would be happy to solve it for you. Stay tuned and happy reading! For more Home Solution Read More Blogs


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