Know Where to Watch and Download All the Episodes of CyberSquad Season 1 for Free

CyberSquad is a series filled with some amazing episodes on adventures, ideas and creative minds with a tincture of teenage love. This is the right series for you, if you are looking for an interesting teenage show which captures the jaw dropping minds to solve some unexpected mysteries, which will amaze you and please you at the same time. Added on with relevant comedy instances, it’s a fuull pack to set your night right. 

Care to watch a show where four teenagers are solving adventurous mysteries? 

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CyberSquad Season 1- An Overview

This series is based on cyber mysteries that are taking place over the country, where four teenagers’ friends group is trying to solve the issues by themselves regarding the same. These four rebellious kids named, KD, Rocky, Uzi, and Tia eventually become a helping hand for the police to find all the hidden hackers and trackers, who have been hiding and wandering around for years. 

These kids are blessed with talented tech skills and are smart enough to understand all the mechanisms and possibilities of the situation.

Interested to know more? Now, watch the series for free. 

GenreCrime, Comedy, Mystery, Web Series
Directed ByAbhay Chhabra, Suyash Vadhavkar
Written ByReshu Nath
Produced ByPiyush Singh

Where to Watch All the Episodes of CyberSquad Season 1?

Get ready to watch all the episodes of CyberSquad Season1 on MXPlayer, that too for free. But, before watching it, let’s look at which mini titles, as listed below, tempt you to watch the whole series.

Each of the following episodes of CyberSquad Season1 will be covered in 40-50 minutes. You can readily watch these episodes with MXPLayer, by clicking on the links below, starting off with CyberSquad Season 1, Episode 1, “Spy”. 

Enjoy CyberSquad Season1!

Episode No.NameLink
Episode 1SpyWatch
Episode 2Missing Watch
Episode 3Money Transfer Watch
Episode 4Monster Hunt Watch
Episode 5Wedding Woes Part 1Watch
Episode 6Wedding Woes Part 2Watch
Episode 7Do No Harm Watch
Episode 8Be My Valentine Watch
Episode 9Hostage Part 1Watch
Episode 10Hostage Part 2Watch

Cast and Crew of CyberSquad Season 1

Here are the details of the lead cast and crew of CyberSquad Season 1:

CharacterStar CastDetails
KDRohan ShahRead
RockyOmkar KulkarniRead
UziRoshan PreetRead
TiaJovita JoshRead

Can You Download All Episodes of CyberSquad Season 1 for Free?

You can watch or download all the episodes of Season 1 of the CyberSquad web series, that too for free, on MXPlayer.

The “CyberSquad” series is also available on torrent sites like Filmyzilla, Filmygod, 123MKV, Movierulz, 1337x, YTS, etc., but these sites are illegal, providing pirated copies of the recently the latest movies and series. They do not claim to have the copyright to the content that they host online on their websites. Promoting piracy, or even participating in such activities, is considered a criminal offense in India and is punishable too. So, according to the copyright protection law, anyone who is found involved in downloading copyright-protected content illegally or is caught promoting pirated content in any form or manner can be sent to jail; with a fair fine as per the law. 

The torrent sites usually offer free download links for the latest movies and web series, but it is usually not considered a safe option for downloads or watches. These sites are built on malicious virus and suspicious links, that can lead to spam websites or might infect your device with viruses and malware. 

So, as per your free advisory guide, we suggest you only visit the official websites. Also, avoid entering any personal information  on websites, that might lead to increased risk factors.

Disclaimer- We do not promote or endorse websites offering pirate content and the illegal ways of downloading or watching movies, TV shows, and so on. The information available here is just to make readers aware of the illegal websites on the internet. The readers are always advised to go for legal ways to watch the copyright-protected content.

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