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Who doesn’t love watching movies, especially when you can watch them in the comfort of your home? You can download them from any working torrent sites like Jiorockers, Tamilrockers and extratorrent proxy sites. Over the years, several platforms have emerged offering the latest movies and TV shows, but nothing can replace the torrent sites that offer a great collection of movies; although these sites are illegal, still, they are popular among the netizens. The torrent sites offer movie downloads for free, but that is pirated content, and such sites often get banned by the government. 

One such torrent site that has ruled the internet for so many years now is YIFY or YTS which is an online video streaming website. A huge chunk of internet users are using this site to get access to an unlimited collection of movies, web series, games, software, music, e-books, TV shows and much more. Upon reading further, you will find a lot of information about YIFY torrent website related to its emergence, popularity, and efforts made by the Government to put a ban on piracy.

Yify- An Introduction

Yify torrents or YTS is one of the best torrent sites that let you download movies, music, TV shows, and so on that too in an uncomplicated manner.  It is one of the most popular torrent websites as it is known to be clutter-free, offers a huge collection of torrent files, and the ease to search for the one you want to download. 

In 2015, the original Yify torrent website got shut down due to legal accusations; however, after that several proxy and mirror sites started emerging to fulfill the demand of torrent files, but using a different domain name.

Sites like Yify allow users to download copyrighted content for free, hence getting banned whenever traced by the government. However, the mirror sites and proxy sites have emerged taking the place of the original torrent sites. So, in case, if Yify sites like or are blocked in your area or you are facing issues in accessing Yify sites, you can check out the Yify proxy sites.

Type of siteTorrent index, magnet links provider, Peer-to-peer
Available inEnglish
HeadquartersAuckland, New Zealand
Area servedWorldwide
Created byYiftach Swery
RegistrationOptional, free
Launched2010; 11 years ago
Current statusDefunct
Written inHTML, JavaScript and PHP

In this guide, you will find the list of Yify proxy sites and YTS mirror sites that may work if the original torrent site is blocked in your country.

Disclaimer- The torrent sites, proxy sites, and mirror sites listed ahead are for informational purposes only. We don’t promote or encourage their use to download copyright-protected content.

Is Using YIFY Torrents Safe?

Yify torrent website is a great source of torrent files for users who keep looking for high-quality files. This website might not be able to offer a huge collection of movies, but it still offers quality torrent files that most movie lovers are looking for. Most of the files that are available on the website are actually downloadable and the number of irrelevant and infected links is very less. 

However, you may still find some malicious ads that you need to take care of. Moreover, the website is always on the radar of authorities who keep looking for such sites that are offering content for free download and also for users who visit these sites to download movies files.

Remember that, if you are downloading files from such torrent sites by the authorities, you may have to face jail depending on the law of your country. It is also possible that you might be given warnings to stop further using the site by the legal authorities or only the site gets blocked. 

How to Access YIFY Torrents?

If your country does not have any law related to piracy, it won’t be an issue for you to access YIFY or YTS torrents. However, there are some countries where YIFY is already blocked and there is a strict regulation for such torrent sites. If you are from any such country where you find access to YIFY is already blocked, you may find it difficult to visit the site or download any file. 

If that is the case, you can consider using a VPN service that changes your location on the internet and lets you browse the internet securely and keep your identity anonymous. The VPN is a sort of private network that comes in both free and paid versions; the free versions are not always considered safe and may raise security concerns for some users. 

If you are looking for complete anonymity, premium VPN is the answer. This will keep your information private, your online traffic hidden and encrypted, and your identity and location will also be kept hidden. VPN will give you a list of servers from all over the world; you can connect to any one of them depending on your preference, and you will be allocated a new IP address that will be your server location.

Yify and YTS Proxy and Mirror Sites 2021

Another option to access YIFY or YTS torrents is to use proxies. Proxies work the same as VPN and will hide your real location. Still, you won’t be completely safe, as anyone can see what you are doing on the internet. 

Mirror Sites work similar to the original domain and are replicated versions of the original website. They have all the content that you would have found on the real YIFY website. You will always find a mirror site for the torrent site that has got blocked by the ISP; similarly, there are several YIFY mirror sites that offer the same experience as the original one.

List of Yify and YTS Proxy Sites List 2021

Yify Proxy Sites

YTS Proxy Sites

Top YIFY and YTS Mirror Sites

How Do Yify Proxy Sites or Mirror Sites Work?

Proxy sites are just a mediator between your internet connection and the site you want to open. These sites are a way to escape the ban and download the pirated content. When your browser initiates a connection, it moves to the proxy site that redirects to the destination website. That’s how it becomes difficult to decode the original IP addresses by the website you are trying to reach and hence, Yify proxy sites help in removing your digital footprints to avoid blocking by ISPs.

How Do Yify Proxy Sites or Mirror Sites Work?

Proxy sites are just a mediator between your internet connection and the site you want to open. These sites are a way to escape the ban and download the pirated content. When your browser initiates a connection, it moves to the proxy site that redirects to the destination website. That’s how it becomes difficult to decode the original IP addresses by the website you are trying to reach and hence, Yify proxy sites help in removing your digital footprints to avoid blocking by ISPs.

Yify Alternatives in 2021

As Yify proxy sites and YTS mirror sites have been blocked in many countries, hence to download the torrent files, people are looking for alternatives to the Yify site. In case, if Yify is blocked in your area, you can check out some popular torrent sites as alternatives to Yify.

1. Kickass

Kickass torrent is one of the popular sites if you are looking for Yify alternatives to watch movies online in 2021. The site used to offer free movies, web series, TV shows, etc., before it was blocked by the ISP or government in many countries. Most people used to access the Kickass website in order to download movies when they were not able to visit YIFY. You can visit Kickass proxy or mirror sites if the original domain has got blocked in your area. Also, they offer a similar user interface, and you can easily look for your favorite movie and can also check out the top torrent’s section to know what people are searching for.

2. Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay is one renowned torrent site that needs no introduction; it holds a variety of downloadable torrents of movies, TV shows, music and much more and that is the reason it is often used as an alternative to YIFY. The Pirate Bay has even got banned in several countries for operating illegally, but still it managed to survive through its proxies and mirror sites. There have been rumors in the media that the original domain of Pirate Bay is back online, and now you can access it through If you are not able to visit YTS or YIFY torrents, you can consider visiting The Pirate Bay website. The best part is its user interface that is nicely organized and you can easily replace it with Yify when in need.

3. 1337x

1337x is quite a popular option when it comes to downloading torrents; that’s the reason many movie lovers use it as an alternative to YIFY. You can use it to download torrents for movies, shows, applications, anime, television, games, music, and so on. You will also find a trending section that will let you watch all the popular and trending torrents if you are confused about what to watch. With a decent and nicely organized interface, 1337x holds a huge collection of movies, applications, anime, and much more that can be downloaded for free. It is the best option to undertake when Yify is not working in your area or is blocked. 

4. Rarbg

Rarbg is a well-known name in the world of torrent sites. Although the site shows a lot of advertisements and pop-ups, still it manages to be a great alternative to YIFY if it has been blocked in your area. Rarbg even got blocked in many areas for offering copyright-protected content for free, but you may still find its proxies and mirror sites running on the internet. The collection of torrents is quite huge and you will get a lot to choose from. So if you are looking to watch the latest movies, head towards Rarbg and get a complete section dedicated to the latest and popular movies.

5. Putlocker

Putlocker may not be a familiar name to everyone, but it is one of the most popular torrent sites. If you are not able to visit any of the YTS websites, consider Putlocker for its huge collection of movies. It is even known for providing the latest movies online on its platform even before their official release. As the government has got stricter with its rules regarding piracy websites, you may find Putlocker banned in your area, but its proxies and mirror sites are enough to access all the content that was available on the original website.

6. Zooqle

Another alternative to YTS movies, Zooqle has all the popular Hindi movies you are looking for. Although it is a new name in the world of torrent sites, still you will find it doing its job the best. Moreover, the site has a huge collection of movies that is increasing day by day. The Zooqle torrents collection includes everything like movies, music, games, apps, software, and so on. You can also explore the most explored torrents from the dedicated section they have created on the website.

7. LimeTorrents

LimeTorrents is another popular alternative to Yify or YTS and is one of the best options with a lot of positive reviews. You name the torrent and you will find it on Lime Torrent. Everything from Hindi movies, TV shows to music is there on this website. The site gets updated regularly with new torrents, so you can always expect a good number of torrents to watch on LimeTorrents.

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