Want to Know the Difference Between Snooker and Billiards? Read Here

Billiards and snooker are two cue games that many people confuse because they use similar equipment and are played simultaneously. There are several differences between snooker and billiards due to the manner they are played. Both games, for example, are played on a particular table with balls and a cue, and they both demand a steady hand and accuracy to play correctly.

However, when playing games online on GetMega, you realize that the two games are fundamentally different regarding how they are seen and their regulations. Billiards is a lead sport that is now often referred to as pool, and it is a much faster-paced game than snooker, which is a much more cerebral and strategic cue sport. There are many differences between the two games. Here is the difference between snooker and billiards highlighted by GetMega online gaming platform that will help you while playing these games.

Ball Differences

As part of the game, both games need balls to be potted into pockets. On the other hand, Snooker uses fifteen red balls and six colored balls, each worth a different amount of points depending on the color. Billiards uses fewer colors and does not award points for them.

Snooker is played using twenty-two balls. On the other hand, Billiards uses just three balls: one white, one yellow, and one red, with white and yellow serving as the striker. The number of balls in a complete set of pool balls varies depending on the game variety. Still, a full set contains sixteen balls, each 2 1/4 inches in diameter: eight solid color balls numbered one to eight, seven balls with a color stripe numbered nine to fifteen, and a solid white ‘cue’ ball.

Table Differences 

Another difference between snooker and billiards is that they are played on big tables with pockets and a felt covering. Still, the snooker table is larger than the billiards table, and the snooker table’s pockets are smaller than the billiards table.

Most carom billiards and pool games are played on a seven-foot, eight-foot, or nine-foot table. Tables for carom billiards do not have pockets, but pool tables have. Pocketed tables are used in snooker. American snooker tables usually are ten feet long, whereas English snooker tables are twelve feet long.

Rules Differences

Of course, each GetMega game includes a detailed set of rules and a variety of variants. Even though they are played similarly, the two games have distinct rules. In snooker, players must first pot all of the reds before concentrating on the colors in order of the number of points they are worth. Each player in billiards must place the entire same color and whomever pots all of their balls first wins.

When you land at GetMega, you will find that the snooker game is divided into frames. A player may win a frame by earning the most points by pocketing the cue ball’s red and colored balls. The red balls are worth one point apiece, while the yellow, green, brown, blue, pink, and black balls are for two, three, four, five, six, and seven points, respectively. On any given turn, rules control that ball may be pocketed.

The on balls are those that may be pocketed at any time throughout a turn. If a red ball is pocketed, for example, a colored ball, followed by another red ball, must follow it. If a player pockets the incorrect ball, it is deemed a foul. The player does not gain any points.

Various games may be classified as ‘pool,’ but players win points by shooting balls into the table’s pockets in a straight pool. Players agree ahead of time that they will achieve a set amount of points to be considered the winner. Any ball on the table may be pocketed, and each ball pocketed successfully earns the player one point.

Straight pool is a call pocket game, meaning that before shooting, players must specify which ball will go in which pocket. The desired ball must reach the intended pocket for the shot to be successful.

Billiards on the GetMega app is often played in a more informal setting, such as a bar or a particular hall, and are the sort of game that people like playing when they go out for an evening with their friends. On the other hand, Snooker is often thought of as a gentleman’s game, with players dressing up in suits and bowties and playing a very calm and sophisticated game. This is probably due to images conjured up by seeing professional snooker players in tournaments and championships, where they are dressed to the nines and play a very calm and sophisticated game. These are some of the significant differences between snooker and billiards. Register today on the GetMega online gaming platform to win real money and exciting cash prizes.


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