How Bollywood Celebrities Remove Facial Hair or Body Hair?

“Hair looks good only on the head,” said an anonymous but the women-clan took it too seriously. Where men cherish their body hair, women make it a question of self-esteem. Having a full-grown body or facial hair has eventually become a matter of concern among ladies. But there is nothing to be ashamed of, your facial hair or body hair is natural, and removing them is an individual’s choice and no compulsion. If you want a hair-free body, get it, but if you are fine with the fully-grown eyebrows, upper lips, or body hair, you can rock it too!

Have you ever imagined who set up such high beauty standards? Well, some self-acclaimed beauty experts do, and then it is prevailed by celebrities. Most of the people get influenced by the film industry people, be it Bollywood or Hollywood. 

We often get awestruck by the smooth and clear skin of Bollywood beauties. There is hardly any Bollywood lady who has come out with facial or body hair and thus every Indian woman is now motivated to find ways to remove their facial hair. We respect your choices, so whether you want to remove unwanted hair or want to keep your body hair, you are beautiful!

There are multiple approaches that Bollywood ladies follow to get rid of hair-free skin. And, we will discuss them all along with their cons. So that you can understand at what cost you will get the skin free from hair. 

Note: Hair is natural and serves a purpose. We don’t endorse hair removal and don’t aim to influence women to remove their facial hair. We are just helping you comprehend how Bollywood women remove hair so that the crowd who wants to learn about hair removal methods can benefit.

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Bleaching is not actually the removal of hair but it is a technique to make sure hair matches your skin color and makes it invisible. It eliminates the need for shaving, waxing, epilating, or other hair removal methods. The best part about bleaching is pain-free, quick, easy, and cheap and it works for every skin type; even sensitive skin can benefit from this technique.

Bollywood and Bleaching

Bleaching is much more popular in Asian countries than the other parts of the world. It is the most celebrated way to lighten your facial hair. This became famous after Kareena Kapoor revealed her best kept secret i.e. bleaching. However, she says bleaching was never her favorite beauty treatment and she is not a fan of it. She even stated that she once didn’t bleach for several days and that started showing her hair on the skin, and after doing the complete makeup, it became more visible or highlighted. And, when her manager looked at the images of her non-bleached face, he was stunned and advised Kareena to bleach her face. 

From this, we can conclude that despite being an affordable and cheap method of disappearing facial hair, bleach is famous among the Bollywood beauties.

Cons of Bleaching

Bleaching has its downside too, and it can lead your skin to face various skin conditions such as allergic reaction, sensitivity to harmful UV rays, aggravate any existing skin problems, and the brightness is temporary.


Threading is another way of hair removal that originated in India or specifically Central Asia. But, it gained popularity in the entire western world as well. It was first started with removing or shaping eyebrows, but now it is used to clear the entire face and remove facial hair. 

Threading is a technique that involves twisted thread to pull out the hair from a selected part of the face. It is a slow process that takes time and incorporates pain. 

Threading and Bollywood 

From Priyanka Chopra, Alia Bhatt, to Kriti Sanon, they all have to do threading to shape their brows, clear facial hair, and keep the skin clean. Threading is a cost-effective way that can be done at home. However, every salon offers threading services to customers. It starts from INR 50 and reaches up to lakhs, depending upon the type of service and service provider.

Cons of Threading

Threading seems the perfect option, but unfortunately, it has some cons associated with it, such as pain, undesirable results, infection, acne, bumps, allergic reaction, and consideration.


The most beautiful women in history including Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor admitted that they shaved their faces. Needless to say, shaving has always been an important part of women’s beauty regimen. Not only have the common women, but even the Bollywood ladies also acknowledged that shaving is their way to remove their body hair. Nowadays, women have now considered the benefits of shaving for removing the peach fuss. 

Shaving is a way of removing the upper layer of your facial skin using a razor or a bladed implement. You run the blade on your face at a 45-degree angle and gently remove the hair. 

Shaving is the most famous, affordable, and instantaneous way of removing body as well as facial hair. Most of the Bollywood bees rely upon shaving, but how often they do, the way they do, and the product they use depends on their hair growth. 

Once Deepika Padukone shared her hair removal method stating that she follows her mother’s advice, she explained that ‘Less is more. Not only Bollywood stars like Deepika, but Hollywood pop singer Taylor Swift revealed on a chat show that her hair grows quite faster and thus she needs to shave daily.

Cons of Shaving

But it all comes at a cost and thus there are few cons associated with the shaving method too, such as it can give you thickened hair, irritation, burning sensation, and even acne. So be careful and use professional help for “dermaplaning” which is a specialized form of shaving. 


Epilation is quite similar to waxing as it removes hair from the roots. But an epilator is free from wax. It kind of plucks your body or facial hair with the help of an electric razor. You can remove the hair all over your face and body to clear your skin.

It is always advised to scrub your skin before you start epilation. Then, you use the epilator on the 90-degree angle on the skin. You just need to pull your skin taut and then move the epilator in the direction of hair growth.

But, your face and body require different kinds of epilators. A body epilator is usually big but the facial epilator is small and compact to offer better precision.

Epilator and Bollywood

Epilator is being used on the large scale throughout the world and Bollywood is no exception. Bollywood beauties like Kiara Advani, Sara Ali khan, and Jhanvi Kapoor keep an epilator handy to remove unwanted hair whenever required. 

Cons of Epilator

Cons of epilator are no different from other hair removal methods, such as redness, pain, ingrown hair, and upfront cost. Loudness and charging time can also be some of the disadvantages.


Waxing is quite a painful process but is considered to be the safest hair removal method. Every beauty salon offers this service and waxing is a way to pull hair by applying a thick sticky solution and pulling it using wax strips. The whole process involves a bit of pain, but it gives you smooth silky skin afterward. 

Waxing lasts longer than other hair removal methods mentioned above. You don’t need to run your razor again and again within a few days. Waxing can keep your hair-free for four to six weeks.

Waxing and Bollywood 

Ada Sharma, a famous Indian actress openly accepts that waxing is her way to remove hair from her skin as well as her face. Even Indian actress Hina Khan has shared a video on YouTube about her homemade wax.


Waxing can’t be done without having a significant regrowth or at least a quarter-inch of stubble. However, waxing can be a bit painful as hair is ripped out of the root. Apart from this, waxing might involve redness and irritation, rashes, bumps, Ingrown hairs, Sun sensitivity, Allergic reactions, and even Bleeding in the worst case.

Laser hair removal

Laser hair removal is another way of hair removal and becoming highly popular in India. It is the most expensive hair removal method that lasts the longest but demands multiple sessions for complete removal. 

Laser removal is originally a medical procedure that is only done by professionals and cannot be done at home without a professional setting. It involves the use of a beam (light) to target the hair follicles.

The laser emits a light that is absorbed by pigments or melanin in the hair and the light energy turns into heat to damage the tube-shaped sacs or what we call hair follicles that produce hair. This way, laser therapy delays the future growth of hair.

Laser Removal and Bollywood 

From Deepika Padukone to Shraddha Kapoor, every celebrity has done laser at one point or another. This method is perfect to remove facial hair but works for full body hair removal too. Laser is a permanent solution that works best for celebs and models who want to keep their bodies free from here so that they can wear a dress whenever they want. Even the actress Deepika Kakkar also went for Laser hair removal to get rid of her facial hair. 

Cons of Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is not completely risk-free and thus needs utmost care after the process. Some of the potential risks are Skin Irritation, discomfort, redness, swelling, skin darkening, sun sensitivity, pigmentation, and graying of hair. 


Hope you got the information that you want: following it is subjective. This article does not demotivate the ladies who want to cherish their body and facial hair but is meant to help those who are on the hunt for Bollywood hair removal methods. Connect with Paris Lash Academy to get more info about eyelash care.

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