6 Top-selling Bvlgari Watches for Luxury Collections

People often indulge themselves in fancy occasions, wearing their sharp suits and elegant long gowns. To complete the package of their outfits, shimmering accessories might add a little spice to the party look. Watches are often associated with corporate use and daily purposes to keep track of time and date. Bvlgari Watches are much more than that; their collections make an exclusive deal. This watchmaking company offers you timepieces that exude elegance. For over 130 years, Bvlgari remains to serve and never fails their valid buyers with their classic watches’ newest and freshest collection.

Octo Solotempo Automatic Black Dial Black Leather Men’s Watch

First piece out of the collection of Bvlgari watch is the Octo Solotempo with an automatic black dial perfect for men’s apparel. This watch model 101964 of Bvlgari has a black leather strap that gives comfort to your wrist. With its octagonal shape case, you will look even sharper together with formal suits. 

Octo Solotempo has a stainless steel material case built-in sapphire crystal purposely made for scratch-free resistance. It has a Bvlgari caliber movement of BVL 193. Furthermore, its reserve power will last for 50 hours and be water-resistant for up to 100 meters deep. Octo Solotempo is a complete package for casual and memorable days of your life. 

Serpenti Quartz Violet Lacquered Dial Ladies Watch

Have you ever seen a watch that looks like a bracelet? Well, the Bvlgari watch collection presents the Serpenti Quartz Violet Lacquered Dial watch that will look lovely on women and women-at-hearts out there. You can feel its elegance because of the glittering jewels around its dial. It has a solid back case with stainless steel material. 

This watch has a purple colored dial with luminous silver-tone hands revolting within its time numerals. It has a band designed with a snake-like figure that looks like wrapping around your wrist. It is one of Bvlgari’s unique signature styles for ladies fond of luxurious bracelets and watches that they will add to their collection. 

Serpenti Quartz Silver Dial Steel Bracelet Ladies Watch

Another fascinating look of the Bvlgari watch is model 101827 with a silver steel dial suitable for ladies. It is the newly launched Serpenti Quartz Silver Dial Steel Bracelet with a 35 mm diameter size. Its index has a silver-tone finish and the glimmering pieces of diamonds that surround the edges of the dial. 

Serpenti Quartz Silver Dial has a stainless steel case and a crystal sapphire made for scratch resistance. This timepiece is Bvlgari caliber b033 movement in quartz type fit for its technical prowess. The same with the previous wristwatch is also designed in spiral strap effect, and it’s a dual-purpose—a bracelet and a timepiece.

Bvlgari Roma Watch Automatic Black Dial Unisex Watch

Another top-selling watch of Bvlgari is the model 103219, known as the Bvlgari Roma Watch with an automatic black dial appropriate to be worn in every casual outfit and formal wear. Its back has a solid case made in stainless steel. And its diameter is 41 mm in a round shape structure.

What makes it more likable is that it is suitable for all genders, as long as they can rock it with their fashionable apparel. This automatic Bvlgari Roma Watch has leather band material, which makes the watch more elegant and has outstanding durability. 

Diagono Magnesium Automatic Brown Dial Men’s Watch

A Diagono series is joining the new roll out Bvlgari watches in this year’s collection. It is the Diagono Magnesium Men’s Watch with a brown dial in a 41 mm diameter round shape case. Not just that, the glittering brown with a rough surface adds to its distinctive look that buyers will add this watch in their bag. 

Diagono Magnesium watch has a BVL 191 Solotempo automatic caliber movement and luminous black hands found in the timepiece’s dial. This watch has white luminescent material and metallic grey sword-shaped hands with a speckled finish, which is the number one feature that makes it even more sophisticated.

Bvlgari Automatic Blue Dial Men’s Watch

On the last thread of luxury watches is the Bvlgari Watch with a navy blue dial. This model 103132 is designed for men’s wear. Bvlgari intricately crafted the bronze finish indexes that perfectly complements its blue dial. The blue dial effect of the watch certainly gives pleasure to the eyes. 

It has a round case with a 41 mm diameter made with a bronze material and a crystal sapphire case. And its straps were made in an intricately woven rubber for comfort. You won’t regret purchasing this one because it has exceptional technical performance. Aside from the automatic dial movement, its reserve power will last up to 42 hours. 


Grand parties and ceremonies rarely happen in our lives. We make sure to put on our best outfits and styles of fashion in those events. Many people might say that simple dresses and jewelry are enough; however, this is our body, and we should make ourselves presentable to the surrounding people. 

Bvlgari watches make the best of it. This watchmaking company always assures its purchasers of a high-quality standard of wristwatches and other kinds of luxurious accessories. If you’re looking for marvelous, elegant, and refined artistic designs of timepieces, make sure to check the fresh collection of Bvlgari that you will enjoy.

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