4 Things You Can Do On Your Electronic Files Using PDFBear

Many people are using PDF format with their electronic files. You might be one of them with tons of documents on your computer that you use every day at work or school. Files in PDF are easy to manage, organize, and even share with other devices. One good thing about this format is its portability and convenience. 

In fact, PDF doesn’t use much storage of whatever device you’re using. That’s why a lot of people are downloading PDF files on their smartphones. That’s the convenience this technology can give you. However, if you have tons of PDF files on your smartphone or computer, you’ll be needing a particular system to help you do effective file management.

Hence, PDFBear is now available online to help you with all of your files.  It’s a website offering you access to its different online tools. Tools that will help you manage your PDF files, especially when you want to make particular changes. To know more about it, here are the different useful things you can do on your electronic files using PDFBear. 

Rotate PDF

If you have some PDF documents that are saved in a way that you don’t find comfortable reading, you better have it rotated. PDFBear has a feature letting you rotate your files in any way you want. You only have to upload the electronic documents you want to rotate for PDFBear tool online. 

Then, a circular arrow will appear for you to choose the right angle of the document. When you’re done, you need to click the apply button, and the system will save the changes you made. After that, you can now download the electronic file on your smartphone or computer. That’s how easy it is to use the PDFBear online tool to rotate your PDF files. 

Add Watermark

Another feature of PDFBear is adding watermarks on your PDF documents. It’s either an image or text that appears either behind or in front of the existing content of your PDF file. It looks like a stamp. You might be using files at work that need watermarks, depending on their purpose. 

You only have to upload the PDF files you want to add watermarks on the online tool of PDFBear. Then, key in the text or choose an image you want to be a watermark and select its position on your document. Click the Apply Changes button, and the system will save the changes you made. Once done, you can now download the electronic PDF documents with watermarks on your computer or smartphone. 

Number Pages

Some PDF documents do not have page numbers. You might find it a little bit hard to return and locate a particular PDF page without a page number. That’s why many people are using PDFBear to help resolve this concern. PDFBear has an online tool letting you add page numbers with customization in positions and typography.  

You need to upload the PDF files on the PDFBear online tool. Then, you have to choose what font style and size of the numbers and decide where to position them on PDF pages. Once done, you have to click the “Number Pages” button, so the system will save the changes you made. After that, you can now download the PDF documents with customized page numbers. 

Share Documents

File sharing is an essential part of an organization or company. Important details or information can be easily disseminated to all members or employees by giving out printed materials to everyone. With technological advancement, instead of printed visuals, people commonly use electronic documents. 

Hence, PDFBear has an online tool letting you share your PDF files with other devices. You can directly share these documents by sending them to the email address of the recipient. You can even send files to multiple email addresses, so it’ll save time instead of sending them one by one. Hence, file sharing in PDFBear has been made easy, convenient, and safe. 


PDF has been widely used for various purposes. Different industries, small and big companies, and even employees and students are using PDF format with their files because it’s convenient to use, safe, and user-friendly. The things discussed above are only a few of those tools that PDFBear can offer. If you haven’t tried any yet, it’s time for you to explore the capabilities of PDFBear to manage your PDF files.

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