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Everything has standards; from safety processes down to the coffee you drink. And we measure standards by asking several questions. We do this to make sure that certain products have the qualities that fit our needs and avoid unwanted complications. Compare and contrast is what we do as consumers and the same rule should apply even with our file formats. 

So if you’re looking for a comparative checklist for a Word format and the PDF, then this article is for you. 

Some of us may still not see the need to convert Word to PDF. You can compose and create an effective document in Word. While that is not wrong, you probably need to zoom in more on the major function and qualities of Word in contrast to the PDF. Since different products have different qualities, so do file formats. 

The Word

Microsoft Word is what we have been using to compose letters, business proposals, essays, and any other material we like to put down on paper and print along the way. Word was clearly the go-to when I was still a student creating my thesis, and later as an employee, it became my buddy for jotting down important details. The main function of a Word is to compose. I didn’t catch the time when typewriters were still being used, but I guess it’s safe to say that the Word is the successor to the typing device. With constant development from Microsoft, Word clearly has come a long way.

It has become a universal software present at any office, institution, and home. 

We love how Word aids us with creating our documents. Some of us could say that the Word is to the common computer user, what the notepad is to the I.T. professional. 

But since the basic function and major goal of Word is to become the primary tool in composing, its system leans towards developing that task and in turn doesn’t include functions that are not in line with it, like securing files and file format. And here is where the PDF makes the difference. 


The PDF fills in several needs that we have today, such as security, being portable and file format integrity. 

A File That Provides Security

With the help of a reliable PDF website, the PDF allows us to put tight security in our Files by encrypting them and putting a password. Since files are important vessels of information, we become more and more concerned if it gets in the hands of the wrong person, and so a file format with a lock becomes a more secure way of transmitting our files. 

PDF answers to the issue of incompatibility-At some point you probably faced issues with your file documents concerning incompatibility leading to a distorted format. Remember that time when you were also not able to access a file because you were using an older version of a word or device? And you needed to download the latest version. The PDF was made to answer this problem. Since software and devices are always developing, developers found a way for a file to look the same regardless of what device or version of software you are using. 

Having fewer files is better. A PDF takes less space than any other format. Since the use of the soft copy files became more adamant, it became more efficient to have a file format that consumes less space, which gives more opportunity to save more into a hard drive. Producing the PDF also paved the way for files to be easier to send as the result of files being lighter. 

Since efficiency, accessibility, and security are the standards we currently use and look for, especially in our digitized time, a PDF’s qualities pretty much explain why it is a widely used format. 

Converting your Word to PDF is a simple task, and you can surely find multitudes of PDF websites more than willing to assist you. However, even when it comes to online services, it is advisable to also apply a good standard to know which website offers the most substantial assistance in dealing with PDF. 

Luckily, in this article, a reliable website is not far from your sight. If you’re looking for a way to convert your Word to PDF, then GogoPDF is the best website to land on. 


User Friendly

Technology and devices get more and more advanced, however dealing with them doesn’t have to be complicated for us. GogoPDF provides easy to follow steps and a no-sweat process for your Word to PDF conversion:

  1. Simply drag and drop your file to GogoPDF or you can also choose to download it. 
  2. Once it’s there, it will automatically run the conversion process. 
  3. Then you can either download your converted file or copy and share the link with others to download. 

Convenient Tools

Besides being equipped to convert your Word document to PDF, GogoPDF is an all-in-one PDF converter, Editor, Organizer, and PDFSecurity Provider. GogoPDF lets you edit your PDF and apply changes with a variety of options like convert and compress, Split and Merge, View and Edit and Sign and Secure. With all the necessary PDF tools, GogoPDF conveniently makes all the process done in one sitting. 

Accessible Anywhere

You can boost your files anywhere without the need to install any software. GogoPDF uses Cloud Technology that helps you work on your files on the go. 

 All in all, GogoPDF is a website that has all the standards met and any user could look for. 

To Review

Both Word and PDF have their functions and qualities and are uniquely effective and good at what they do. What lacks in the Word format can be completed by the use of PDF. Users can either opt to do their files in Word and then maybe, later on, decide to convert it into a PDF format because whatever you use, you still are the best judge on what format gives you an edge.


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