The Digital Way Of File Ownership: 4 Big Advantages Of Using Add Watermark Tool From PDF Bear

PDF is one of the most secure file formats nowadays where most papers are in digital format. Users make it more protected by adding watermarks on each page. Adding watermarks becomes comfortable with the existence of technology. You can find various tools online that can help you get your desired watermarks, including its typography and transparency. 

One of the latest and safest ways nowadays is to use the PDF Bear’s tool. This cloud-based website allows you to add watermarks on your PDFs using their free and convenient tools with their easy-to-follow steps. By using the website, you are free to choose a wide range of font size, color, and size to customize your PDF’s watermark. 

What Can You Get Just By Using The Site?

PDF Bear offers various tools for your paperless documents. Whatever your file concerns are, the website helps you fix the problem. It provides PDF extract, converter, merger, and other beneficial tools that help you get your desired results. 

PDF Bear comes with a pro edition. It also offers users a 14-day trial, letting you experience the website’s greatness. The website allows you to add watermarks on your PDF files just by following the few steps provided. Their featured tool for watermarks comes with excellent services. By only using it, rest assured that you can experience these wonderful advantages. 

Supports Multiple Devices

Whether you are primarily using your mobile device, laptop, or merely browsing through Safari or Chrome, PDF Bear helps you get your desired watermarks for your PDFs. They also support numerous operating systems such as Windows, Linux, and Mac. Thus, wherever you are, you can freely use the site and add watermarks to your documents. 

Highly Protects Your PDF’s Content

Rest assured that your files’ content will be highly protected if you use the site. As a considerable part of their Privacy Policy, PDF Bear will utilize a 256-Bit encryption technology to secure your files no matter what. They value your protection as one of their primary jobs. 

Assures Top-Quality Results

PDF Bear’s watermark tool assures you a top-quality result. There are numerous font sizes and styles to choose from. You can customize your watermarks based on your preferences. Whatever it is, the tool will surely meet your standards and expectations.

How To Use Its Add Watermark Tool?

PDF Bear follows an effortless, simple, and convenient procedure in adding watermarks to your PDF files. All necessary steps are well-provided. The tool will only require an internet connection to perform the task. Follow these steps provided below to add watermarks on PDF pages easily:

  • Select Your Files: To upload the documents, which you need to add watermarks from, simply click “Select a File” on the website. Another convenient option is to drag your PDFs directly to the website and rest assured that the site will secure a 100% protection. 
  • Type Text: To generate your own watermark, type your preferred text, and choose from the available styles and sizes. You can also select an image and make it as your personalized watermark. 
  • Choose Watermark Positions: After generating your desired watermarks for the pages, select positions where you want them to be seen by your readers. There are various options to choose from. It’s entirely up to you how you can modify it. 
  • Download The File After Applying The Changes: After the three steps mentioned, apply the changes to your PDFs, and you are free to download them. These watermarked files can be used for business-related purposes, legal, and government documents. 


Among all the tools available to use online, PDF Bear is one of the popular choices. Users also find the site as one of the trusted digital tools nowadays, which offers various useful cloud-based features for any sort of documents. Microsoft Word, Powerpoint, PDF, HTML, JPEG, and other formats can be uploaded to the site for free. For adding watermarks? The site will be your most resourceful buddy.

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