GogoPDF: The Fastest Way to Convert Your Word File to PDF

Nowadays, people choose to have their files converted to PDF since it is an easier and more recommended file format for documents. PDF files are now everywhere since there are so many benefits compared to using other file formats.

PDFs aren’t that complicated to use. Usually, jobs require their applicants to submit their resume and cover letter in a PDF format so that their file design or formatting can be maintained and it will be easier to view without the unwanted changes when opening a Word document. In this post, we will show you the fastest way to convert your Word or DOCX files to PDF. Let’s get started!

What is the Need to Convert Word Documents to PDF?

Having a Word to PDF converter will be the greatest decision you can ever make for your files. You can rest assured since your files are much safer, knowing that this format cannot be easily edited or copied. The copy and paste commands used in Word won’t apply to PDF files since it works differently from the watermarks you can add to your files to prevent them from being copied. Well, worry no more because GogoPDF is a website you can use to convert your Word document, among other things.

How to Use the GogoPDF as Word to PDF Converter

GogoPDF does not require complicated procedures at all and you could learn how to use it in just a few minutes. Here are some pretty easy steps on how to convert your word document into a PDF file using the GogoPDF:

The first step is you have to open your browser and go to the website of GogoPDF then click the “Word to PDF” button. Next is you have to upload your chosen file that you want to convert into PDF. You can either click the “Select a file” button or just drag your document and drop it into the given toolbox.

After uploading your file document, you will see a loading meter and you have to wait for a few minutes until the GogoPDF is done converting your file. After that, you are done!

You will just have to save your newly converted file or you can copy and paste the URL to your other social media account for faster online transfer.

Things You Need to Know About GogoPDF

GogoPDF is a reliable tool you could use and you do not have to worry about your website security. Your data will not be shared anywhere even after all the transfer and uploading to their software, it provides strong encryption and their software will quickly erase your file one hour after you are done converting your file.

A Tool for Everyone

Notice how dynamic this website can be on how accessible and compatible it is for everyone and anywhere. It is available on any devices you are using like Windows, Linux, Mac, or other software platforms you could be using. This website can be also integrated with common browsers like Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Safari, and others.

Your Files Stay Protected

You do not have to worry about data breaches or any related situations you could be in. According to its file-protection policies, GogoPDF strongly exercises maintaining the confidentiality and personal details it collects from the files you have uploaded to the website. It will assure you that all of your files will be removed from the server right after you are done using the tool.

Other Essential Features You Can Use on GogoPDF

Aside from converting your word document into a PDF file, there are still some of the features you should try and could help you finish your paperwork faster than before.

Edit Your PDFs Effortlessly

What’s great about GogoPDF is it offers you other PDF editing tools. There are other editing tools you can utilize from the website. There is an eSign tool where you can add your signature into a PDF. You can also convert a file into a JPEG format. Merging and compressing are also available from the options you can choose from.

Easy Sharing and Saving Options

There are different options you can choose from in sharing and saving your converted documents. You could share your files via email by clicking the “Share via Email” button or you can just copy your URL for download and share it to multiple online platforms. On the other hand, saving your file can also be done immediately since the website offers different downloading options. You can download your file by Dropbox or just Google Drive.

Nothing Beats Free Service

There are other converting tools out there that will require you to pay but with GogoPDF, you can save a lot of money just by using the website. It is a perfect tool for students, workers, and other users that do not have enough budget for costly converting tools.


GogoPDF can provide converting services and other tools that you need without paying a penny. This amazing platform offers reliable service you can take advantage of in the long haul. It could boost your productivity and spare you the hassle of using paid software. Since it is an internet-based service, all you need is a good internet connection for it to work. We trust that you found this post useful for your converting needs. Visit GogoPDF and start converting your documents now!

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