How Can a Novice Start a T-shirt Printing Business with Low Capital?

Several people are thinking of running a business related to garments. Some of them prefer to run a personalized t-shirt printing business. However, trading in apparel is always an ideal opportunity to make profits. People who decide to run a T-shirt printing business must first comprehend the techniques available for printing fabric. Therefore, it is necessary to use a strategy to make the print long-lasting. To operate a profitable clothing business, merch maker undertakes planning and follows guidelines regarding the job’s ins and outs.

Methods to Print T-Shirts

T-shirt makers use several techniques to create designs on apparel. The most popular ones are screen printing DTG or direct to garment printing and heat transferring. Every method has its rate of success and advantages that are unique to one another. One of the most common methods of T-shirt printing is screen printing. Before determining the technique that you want to adopt for your business, it is mandatory to dive into the deeper details of each T-shirt printing method, thereby helping you to determine which one will work better for you according to your needs.

The Technique of Screen Printing

Screen printing is one of the most ancient techniques to print T-shirts. The popularity of T-shirt printing is increasing through this method. This technique comes down from generation to generation. Earlier, people involved in the business of screen printing used Silkscreen. However, in the modern world, it is conducted through machinery as well as manual labor. The reason why screen printing is so famous is that it provides good quality printing on T-shirts. The inks employed in the screen printing procedure are thick and vibrant, allowing them to last longer.

However, entrepreneurs going for screen printing techniques for t-shirt designs must ensure that they purchase quality inks. At the same time, there are several companies offering screen printing inks at a lower price. It is likely to have a poor outcome and fade quickly. 

Here are a few perks of opting screen printing method for your business

  • People taking bulk orders or printing hundreds of t-shirts can make their task easy by opting for screen printing as it is faster.
  • Regardless of the quality of your T-shirt fabric, screen printing is compatible with all.
  • It is a cost-effective means of printing.
  • The quality of ink results in premium printing that lasts longer without fading

The Technique of Printing Through a Heat Transfer

Another popular method of screen printing involves heat transfer. Most young business enthusiasts use this method of T-shirt printing. The method of heat transfer printing is pocket-friendly since the materials used are cost-effective. Under this technique, the graphic gets first printed on heat transfer paper, which then gets placed on the t-shirt. With the help of a heat transferring machine, it is transferred to the T-shirt permanently. 

The device transmits the design to your t-shirt after melting it. At the same time, the majority of entrepreneurs in this business preferred screen printing methods. Heat transfer provides quality results for T-shirt printing. However, the type of design quality of ink and the technique used is significant determiners of quality T-shirt printing. 

Here are a few perks of using the heat transfer method for printing

  • Good quality printing can be done through heat transferring methods.
  • Small scale business owners find heat transfer printing affordable as they do not have to take bulk orders.
  • Heat transfer printing does not involve any clutter as you can create a pattern with few colors.

Direct to Garment (DTG) Technique

Printing directly on a garment is the modern technology to print T-shirts. Under the DTG technique, the entrepreneur uses inkjet technology to create the design instantly on a t-shirt. The quality of direct-to-garment printing is the best among all other methods as it highlights every color and has no rough surfaces. Going to the latest technology, you can print millions of colors on a particular design with the help of the DTG technique. However, the direct-to-garment printing method is costly and not affordable for small-scale business people. Therefore such a method is suitable for large enterprises that can handle the cost of ink and machinery involved in direct to garment printing.

Here are a few perks of Direct garment printing: 

  • Outsourced firms can create an intricate design with limitless color options with the help of this technique.
  • It does not involve any hassles in comparison to two other techniques of T-shirt printing.
  • It gives out a smooth and long-lasting print as you use the link on the fabric.

Opting for the ideal method

It is difficult for entrepreneurs to determine which method of T-shirt printing is most suitable. Therefore you must consider several factors before making the decision:

  • The target audience for which you will conduct the printing.
  • The material of the t-shirt is the most common.
  • The number of your orders
  • The kind of designs that you will use and the number of colors involved

As the name suggests, T-shirt printing implies the art of printing on a t-shirt. The artwork on the fabric ranges from lettering or graphics to intricate designs transferred to the t-shirt with the help of several printing techniques. Many people sell personalized T-shirts commercially, while others are only involved in the printing work.


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