4 Casual Watches To Cop In 2021 That Are Perfect For Any Occasion

In this day and age where the importance of presenting yourself a certain way will gain an audience, retain a market, even get you the job you want, it’s important to acquaint yourself with the best of the best when it comes to accessories. Watches, for example, are a staple in any wardrobe; having at least two is a must. 

One of those two watches could be your everyday driver, and the other is for special occasions. Any self-respecting gentleman can attest to the power of good wristwatches, that is why in this article, we’ve rounded the best casual watches you can buy, from budget-friendly to luxury ones, for your daily beater. These are timepieces that can seriously take the daily wear and tear of everyday wear, and you best believe you’ll get your money’s worth with it:

Diesel Men’s Mr. Daddy

Diesel is not the typical watch brand you would expect to see on a list of daily beater watches, but among the fashion brands that have dipped their proverbial toes on the watchmaking business, Diesel is one of the few that made watches that are exceptionally on-brand with their existing products. The Mens Diesel Watch Mr. Daddy 2.0 watch is a timepiece that wants attention, and if you’re the type to want to get it, then this is a perfect choice.

The watch’s dial is a silver number, featuring the chronograph complication in a way that’s probably more technical than most. The main watch only makes up for fifty-percent of the dial, as the remaining is filled with other parts and elements that are uniquely Diesel. The movement inside is quartz, and while this may be a dealbreaker to some, you won’t get a quartz watch this gorgeous and unique anywhere. 

Baume et Mercier Clifton Baumatic Chronograph

Not everybody knows Baume et Mercier, but the Swiss brand is one of the few watchmakers that has constantly churned out exceptional Swiss watches over its course in the industry. Technically speaking, the brand can be considered a mid-tier name in the luxury watch industry, alongside Longines, Tudor, etc. 

What makes a Baume et Mercier watch good as a daily beater is that, not only is it a Swiss-made watch, the materials used for the wristwatches under this brand is top of the line, not to mention the exceptional heritage in watchmaking. Among the many wristwatches in the line, the Baumatic Chronograph may be the latest for a daily beater. As an automatic Chronograph, it’s a timepiece with quite a lot of history, and wearing one every day should be a thrill, especially when you are an enthusiast.

What you get is a classically-designed men’s dress watch that will look good on any outfit but better on a three-piece suit. Khakis and a white shirt will do it justice too. Under the hood, the automatic Chronograph complication has a moon phase feature that is on the dial. Paired with a blue leather band, this is the watch to beat among the entries listed here. 

Seiko Sports 5

If there’s a daily beater watch that most deserves to be on any list, it’s Seiko’s Sports 5 line. Seiko Sports 5 has been the standard for years when it comes to budget-friendly, punches above its weight timepieces. The Seiko 5 are still some of the best automatic watches in the world today, and it’s a shame that not all will experience their beauty and majesty. 

But the Sports 5 line has just been recently updated, and by the looks of it, the design aesthetic was divided into five different categories: Sense, Street, Suits, Specialist, and Sports. Any of the watches from these lines is a great buy, and honestly, you can’t get a better deal than a Seiko Sports 5. 

Under the hood, you get a Japanese-made automatic movement, the 4R36, featuring a manual winding capacity, a 100-meter water resistance, and a power reserve of less than two full days. It’s not the most powerful of movement, or the most sophisticated for that matter, but for the price, you’re paying? We say you are getting more than enough. It is a great daily beater, and you can’t go wrong with any reference number you choose for yourself. 

Junghans Max Bill Chronoscope

If you don’t want the Swiss-made watch or the Japanese traditional watchmaking, you can go West to Germany to look at the German brands. There are quite a few to check out, one of which is Junghans. The German watchmaker brands itself as the “only German watchmaker”, and though A. Lange and Sohne will disapprove, there is a certainty to Junghans application of their watchmaking and designs that can make you feel that it is an excellent choice.

If you want the best Junghans has to offer, definitely look at Max Bill Chronoscope. This watch is a legend among its contemporaries because of its minimalist Bauhaus design, the simplicity in the watch’s presentation, and the quality of the movement. Based on the Valjoux 7750, the automatic chronograph inside this timepiece is a looker. 


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